I’ve been on vacation for nearly three weeks now… though this time is approaching an end, it’s been a great reflective experience for me. If you are able to take a few weeks off from your regular job like this – I highly recommend you do so.

Anyhow, I don’t have much to say in reflection of the past year. It was very busy for me – which is both good and bad. I published the first major book on Animate CC with Peachpit (with a focus on the ACA objectives), a bunch of Animate CC courses for / LinkedIn Learning and Pluralsight, spoke at Adobe MAX in San Diego and at Parsons/The New School in New York City for the AEL Summit, and have done so much more through collaboration with Adobe Learn, the Animate CC team, the Adobe Education and Community teams,  and others…

Looking forward… I have a new book on beginning Animate CC through Apress co-authored with Tom Green which wrapped right before Christmas, a new Pluralsight course on programming fundamentals with Animate CC which I’ve just recently completed recordings for, and a number of new / LinkedIn Learning courses being planned. I’m also nearly ready to record updated material for the Animate CC course on ACATestPrep! I’m not sure how busy my 2017 will become… but I do hope to gain more control over my schedule and workload. This is a professional priority for me.

As indicated, after 2+ years of pretty much going non-stop, I need to scale back and get more control over my time. I’ve already started this process over the past year with a freeze on new consulting projects. I’ve said “no” to a LOT of people on both general consulting services and more tangible software development projects.

I hope to release a new album of music under An Early Morning Letter, Displaced this year. About 40 minutes of material has been recorded over the past few years and I simply need to write a bit more… and commit to releasing it. This is a priority for me… but creative endeavors run by their own schedule. No title to announce yet. It’s been difficult.

Not a Retrospective

It has a been such a busy year for me. While I got a ton of things accomplished – I also had to place other items aside… and I hate that.  I’m pretty worn out and in real need for some down time.


I have 2 simple goals for 2016:

  1. Take time for my own projects.
  2. Take time for my own self.

The years go by too quickly – and if I blink… an entire month can be lost. That is frightening.

Does this mean I won’t be doing any work in 2016? No. It just means that I am only going to take on work with people and companies that I trust. I already have a bunch of stuff lined up… it’s  just a matter of managing myself better.

I’m posting this more to hold myself to these goals than for any other reason. Be good to yourself in 2016, Joseph.

Here’s to a more balanced new year!

Closing out Twenty-Fourteen


2014 has been a good year for me. A number of personal goals were achieved… and things have never been better, professionally.

My course, HTML5 Game Development with Phaser, has closed off the year with 5000+ viewers since it was published in August. I am thrilled with the activity on this course as it is a lot more popular that previous publications with them. My work with other partners like Adobe and Peachpit continues to be a source of solid, rewarding work and I plan to continue along with them and other time-tested clients.

I continue to provide education around proper absinthe preparation and consumption, and progress around the Flash Platform, often in ways which combine these two passions. I also am looking to perhaps share some more personal thoughts on here as I find the desire to do so.

This year also saw some advances in a number of new areas while completing long-standing projects. My production and consulting business, Fractured Vision Media, wrapped up the Emergent Collective community compilation album series with the publication of Emergent Collective Three. I was also invited to participate on the Art Heroes advisory council and was elected to represent higher education as part of the Adobe Education Leader Advisory Board.

There were weak areas this year, of course. I didn’t have much time at all for my creative work until just a month or so back. That is going well but I do wish that things could have been different. The other aspect of the year which I found lacking was community and networking. Local user groups here in Denver which I’d frequented for years have died off. Additionally, I had to pass up on the final 360|Flex for personal reasons – same case for passing on an Adobe MAX speaking assignment, this year.

I have a number of projects in the works for 2015. Some are leftovers (but very, very cool leftovers) from 2014 that will hopefully see daylight soon. I’ll be sure and post about them as time (and NDA) allows. I am hoping that the coming year provides a more solid environment for the sort of work I do and less of this mess. As mentioned, creative endeavors are already seeing a surge in energy… I expect 2015 will play out quite well!

Shivervein. An Ending.


I’ve been creating music under the name of An Early Morning Letter, Displaced since 1999. 2 full length albums, 3 ep albums, and a variety of compilation and remix work stretching all the way to 2013. Back in 2012, I decided I needed to break from this and do something fresh. Shivervein was born from these ideas as a project separate from An Early Morning Letter, Displaced… not weighed down by any of the restrictions and expectations I had placed around it

I’m a vastly different person from the one who created An Early Morning Letter, Displaced so many years back. When I released the 6Threads ep back in 2010 I had the intention then to finish the project and move on. This ep contains work from the entire catalog and was meant to provide some definitive closure to the entire effort. Sometimes… it takes a few years for an intention like that to fully build into something actionable. Today – that intention has reached its end and An Early Morning Letter, Displaced is now dormant. A part of my personal history I am proud of – though truly glad to bury these ghosts far behind me.

Shivervein is the project I’ll be writing under from here on. It was difficult having two identities like this that were so similar. This isn’t a problem any longer. Thanks to all those who supported An Early Morning Letter, Displaced over the years. I hope that Shivervein can now move beyond what is contained in the proto-album, bloodletshadows, to become something just as special.

Adobe Education Leader for 2014/2015 Term


Happily surprised this morning to receive news that Adobe has renewed my term as an Adobe Education Leader for another two years.

I’ve gained so much from being a part of this program; providing feedback to Adobe, working with industry leaders, networking with other great AELs from both higher ed and k-12, publishing and consulting opportunities, speaking gigs, and much more… very happy to remain part of this great group of people!