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  1. I am a new app designer who has been programming in Python for a couple of years and has been using Adobe Master Collection for many years. I originally sought to use C# for my project vs Kivy for Python. I then upgraded to Adobe CC and was introduced to Animate and ultimately Actionscript 3. While I have some concerns about future proofing my project, I have chosen Actionscript for my UI because of its cross-platform capabilities and tie ins to products I already use. Working with XML, Python, and Actionscript has so far proven to be a powerful stack and I look forward to contributing a couple ANEs to help a great community that has helped me. I use all of Joseph’s books and tutorials and keep them open in a reader or browser as a reference while I work. You can’t go wrong here! Pick the best language for the project in front of you. Period. Too much space is wasted on the internet debating the best language to learn. Learn them all.

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