– Learn Adobe Animate CC: Interactive Animation

Learn the most efficient way to create interactive animations for web, mobile, and desktop projects with Adobe Animate CC, the newly relaunched version of Flash Professional. This project-based course features two assignments: an animated web banner that responds to mouse movement, touch input, and clicks, and a three-state interactive animation that plays like a game. Joseph Labrecque shows how to set up the Animate workspace, prepare the stage, use both keyframe and procedural-based workflows, create titles, and program interactions. Plus, learn how to integrate both completed animations into a self-contained responsive webpage.

Duration: 1h 44m

Topics include:

  • Implementing desktop and mobile interactions
  • Designing an animated web banner
  • Creating titles
  • Programming the banner
  • Publishing the banner
  • Designing, programming, and publishing an interactive animation
  • Importing visuals and audio
  • Integrating Animate animations into a responsive HTML website

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  1. Hi,

    I was looking this course at Lynda and wonder if using an iframe is actually the best solution to embed? What are other alternatives?



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