Adobe Animate for Education: Live


Next Wednesday, on the 21st – I’ll be doing some quick online sessions which provide a solid overview of the ¬†animation and interaction capabilities present in Adobe Edge Animate CC.

Beginning Edge Animate for Education
Wednesday 21 May 2014 8am (PST)
Learn the basics of Adobe Edge Animate from a fellow educator as you explore a simple project you can implement in your classroom.

Advanced Edge Animate for Education
Wednesday 21 May 2014 3pm (PST)
Explore advanced features of Adobe Edge Animate with a fellow educator and push your definition of what’s possible in your classroom.

While this series is focused on educators – I would definitely claim that my sessions can be beneficial to anyone learning Edge Animate. We’ll explore the following:

Beginner: Create a simple animation

  • Animate Compositions
  • Use Text and Web Fonts
  • Draw Shapes
  • Import Images
  • Timeline and Pin
  • Animate Element Properties
  • Easing Animation
  • Create a Preload Screen

Advanced: Create a dynamic quiz

  • Symbol Creation
  • Dynamic Text
  • Prepare, Export, and Import Symbols
  • Timeline Actions
  • Ingest External Data
  • Provide Interaction
  • User Feedback Mechanisms

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  1. I’m signing up. When would you use Animate and when would you use Captivate?

    Oh – got a 404 when trying to sign up.

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