Flash Platform Rundown – Week of October 27th, 2013

Apache Flex 4.11 Released!
The Apache Flex 4.11.0 release contains many improvements that professional software development teams will appreciate. This advances the framework forward. It is truly one of the best cross-platform programming languages used to write applications that are testable and can be compiled to run on multiple technology platforms from a single set of code.

Apache Flex 4.11
Read the full announcement over at Apache.

Apache Flex Installer 2.7
The most convenient way for most to get the new SDK is the use the Apache Flex Installer. With the release of Apache Flex 4.11, it has been updated as well.

Thoopid, a Garden Snail, and Adobe AIR
Bill Howard has published an interesting interview with RW Liebenberg, Managing Director and Lead Developer at Thoopid. There is a lot of positivity in the article for AIR:
there is really no other platform out there that can match the time to market capabilities of Flash/Air when it comes to multi device/platform development. The frameworks that are available for us to utilize as Flash developers are amazing. Starling, Citrus, Feathers, Nape, Signals… the list goes on. These tools allow us to build pretty much anything imaginable.

Bullet ANE vs AwayPhysics
Head-to-head comparison of Bullet.ane vs. AwayPhysics on an iPhone 4S.
Bullet.ane is an AIR Native Extension that wraps the Bullet physics simulation library. It outperforms AwayPhysics — a FLASCC-based AS3 project that does the same — by an order of magnitude on iOS and Android.

Playstation 4 Controller in Adobe AIR and Flash
Zeh Fernando writes: As expected, the new PS4 controller works out-of-the-box once connected to a Windows PC (using a USB cable) with no need for any special drivers. As such, it works seamlessly when using the GameInput API in Flash or Adobe AIR applications.

AIR Mobile Games Showcase
Christopher Caleb over at YEAH, BUT IS IT FLASH? provides a comprehensive rundown of some recent games using AIR: Over the past few weeks I’ve been playing quite a few really great mobile games written in Adobe AIR, so I thought I’d list them here for you guys to check out. All of them are definitely worth a look.

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