1. Jakub Slaby

    Hi, I’ve been struggling with that for a while now as I did exactly what you’ve described a few days ago and after doing that I’m unable to use Starling as the whole viewport of any Starling instance is completely black. Any idea what might caused that?

    • Joseph Labrecque

      Nothing definitive. I originally heard late last year that they were looking into it – but then Adobe killed Pronghorn and FB5 early this year and I never got any new updates. I did hear that they were trying to scrape together a patch to fix some stuff and update other things and assume this would be included – but things have been awfully quiet…

  2. Mario

    I think it will be a new adobe director like story.
    It’s very sad what they are doing with flex, I started work with director in 90’s, then start with flex 2.0, when they killed director.

    Best regards,


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