Apache Flex 4.10 Released!

This morning at 360|Stack (formerly 360|Flex) in Denver, CO; it was announced that Apache Flex 4.10 has been released and is available for download. I’d suggesting using the installer linked through the image, below:

Apache Flex 4.10
Download Apache Flex 4.10

You can read the official announcement if desired. Here are some highlights:

  • Support for latest versions of Flash Player and AIR runtimes.
  • The Apache Flex SDK Installer now allows developers to select various combinations of the Flex SDK, Flash Player and AIR runtimes.
  • Improved support for older Flash Player versions.
  • Added over 15 new Spark components matching or replacing their mx counterparts.
  • “Out of the box” support for Advanced Telemetry allowing developers to easily profile their application and improve performance using Adobe Scout.
  • Better localization for multiple languages. Flex 4.10.0 is better now when trying to make application for multiple countries and languages.
  • Better international support for dates in formatters, validators, and the DateField and DateChooser components.
  • Better for developer productivity – less Run Time Errors (RTEs) and workarounds required in 4.10.0
  • 480 dpi mobile resolution/skin support means that Flex SDK users can now target high resolution devices such as iOS Retina, etc.

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