360|Stack 2013 : Slides


Apache Flex is great for application UI… but it isn’t GPU-accelerated :( New versions of Adobe AIR perform quite spectacularly on mobile and really blaze when tapping into the device GPU. If your mobile application requires this sort of performance – there is a solution to be found in the Starling framework along with Feathers (a fully-skinnable, open source component and layout framework)! This session will demonstrate how to use Feathers to create great, performant mobile interfaces for not only games but applications as well!


  1. Hi Joseph, your next book should be on Feathers UI based app/game development which should include topics from developing ui oriented apps to skinning the ui.

  2. If I use Starling and Feathers, is there anyway to use RemoteObjects and ArrayCollections?

    Would it be possible to bind a list to an ArrayCollection? I’m guessing an ArrayCollection is part of Flex as it doesn’t appear in my ActionScript books…Those are pretty much my two favorite things in Flex land. Can I bring them with me?

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