1. The performance of the http://toolkitfordart.github.io example on my Galaxy S4 is abysmal, which kinda defeats the purpose of using the HTML5 technologies doesn’t it? Or am I missing something here?

    There’s no doubting the Flash work has dried up (incredibly so over the last year) but who’s actually doing that sort of work on mobile now in the browser?

    1. Most HTML5 stuff on mobile browsers runs terrible, yes.

      I think the exciting thing about this direction is that Flash Professional can be used to generate content to be integrated within other technologies alongside the traditional runtimes. The Flashification™ of HTML5 via CreateJS and Dart… and who knows what other areas in the future?

      Also – I wouldn’t say that Flash work has dried up. I have plenty of Flash work – it’s just found in more focused areas whereas it used to be all over the place.

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