Getting Started with ActionScript –

Very pleased to announce that I’ve started a new publishing relationship with and the first course in their library is “Getting Started with ActionScript”!


How did this come about? After my former publisher, video2brain was acquired – a number of us authors were asked whether we’d like to join the team and were given the opportunity to have certain existing English language courses included in the library. This is the initial result of that agreement – though I also have a much fresher course already recorded for them as well. Look for that in the next month or so…

Getting Started with ActionScript
ActionScript is an object-oriented programming language that has a wide reach on the web, the desktop, mobile devices, and beyond. In this workshop, expert software engineer Joseph Labrecque teaches you the fundamentals of programming in ActionScript 3 using both Flash Professional and Flash Builder. Learn how to use core constructs and object types such as variables, arrays, and functions, as well as more advanced types like video, sound, XML, and JSON.

Topics include:

  • What is ActionScript and why should I learn it?
  • ActionScript 2.0 vs. ActionScript 3.0
  • Implementing external source code
  • Working in Flash Professional and Flash Builder
  • Understanding language fundamentals
  • Working with ActionScript objects

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