Adobe and the Flash Gaming Landscape

I had the opportunity this month to speak at the Rocky Mountain Adobe User Group about gaming, Flash, Adobe, et cetera alongside Jun Heider who talked about Apache Flex. Here are my slides:

There have been a lot of changes with the Flash Platform over the past year or two  plus a lot of changes in the web landscape in general. The role of Flash is shifting and Adobe is adapting to this shift by focusing engineering efforts, tooling, and community library support to the two areas in which Flash really excels: gaming and premium video experiences. In this session, we’ll have a look at the momentum behind Flash Gaming and see how Flash Builder 4.7, Flash Professional CS6, and Adobe Scout contribute to this momentum while taking advantage of the new Adobe Gaming SDK and the support of Stage3D libraries like Starling, Away3D, and Feathers. Interested in how to get started in game development with the Flash Platform? Don’t miss this session!

The recordings of both my talk and Jun’s Introduction to Apache Flex 4.9 can be accessed as well.

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  1. Adobe destroyed Flash , destroyed Flex , destroyed AS3 , destroyed all the communities Macromedia ever build.

    They bought awesome products , and less than 10 years later , what did they do with them ? they wasted them.

    Sure the flash player will still be around in the next years , but who will still want to develop for the flash plateform ? Haxe + NME are coming. They are still a mess right now , but Haxe is less ans less depend from anything related to the flash plateform , and a community is being built upon the hashes of Flash.

    Haxe allows me to build Flash ,Android , Iphone ,Windows, HTML5 app without any adobe runtime or compiler.
    Sure i’ll still create my assets in Flash or Fireworks. But the player itself ? it is doomed no question. Not because of HTML5 , not because of Apple , not because of Jobs , but because of Adobe itself , that as 0 vision as to what Flash’s future is. I hope it was not the case. Unfortunatly it is.

    My advice to Adobe ?
    Open-source the VM , open source the player , until it is too late.

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