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  1. Adobe destroyed Flash , destroyed Flex , destroyed AS3 , destroyed all the communities Macromedia ever build.

    They bought awesome products , and less than 10 years later , what did they do with them ? they wasted them.

    Sure the flash player will still be around in the next years , but who will still want to develop for the flash plateform ? Haxe + NME are coming. They are still a mess right now , but Haxe is less ans less depend from anything related to the flash plateform , and a community is being built upon the hashes of Flash.

    Haxe allows me to build Flash ,Android , Iphone ,Windows, HTML5 app without any adobe runtime or compiler.
    Sure i’ll still create my assets in Flash or Fireworks. But the player itself ? it is doomed no question. Not because of HTML5 , not because of Apple , not because of Jobs , but because of Adobe itself , that as 0 vision as to what Flash’s future is. I hope it was not the case. Unfortunatly it is.

    My advice to Adobe ?
    Open-source the VM , open source the player , until it is too late.

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