Emergent Collective Two

Fractured Vision Media, LLC has now released the “Emergent Collective Two” community compilation CD as a free download along with PDF booklet, audio disc image, and high quality MP3 downloads.
Emergent Collective Two
If you visit the release website, you can listen to the album, download it, and view the booklet via Flash Player or HTML (if you do not have Flash Player installed). As before, the entire booklet was layed out in InDesign with help from Photoshop. Both PDF and SWF versions of the booklet were produced directly from InDesign – the images for the HTML version were converted via a decomplier tool from the produced SWF. The CD itself was authored with Audition and then WAV files produced with trusty old CDex. MP3 files are streamed via BandCamp and BIN/CUE CD-Audio images are available for direct download just as with EC1.

There are some differences in how EC2 was produced when compared with the first entry. With EC1, all of the tracks were tweaked a bit so that loudness levels and a sound “signature” was shared between them all. This was done in order to ensure that the tracks flowed well together and that there was a sort of “glue” that held the collection. For EC2 – most of the the tracks appear on the album exactly as they were when they left the artists hands. Why the change? Respect for the material – respect for the artists. It is better for me that the artist is happily represented as they are than somehow corrupted – even slightly – by any tweaks I might make in order provide some extra layer of cohesion. So, in EC2 – you may notice the tracks stand off by themselves a bit more than in the previous release. I think that is okay.

For EC1 – all of the booklet artwork was produced by myself. Generally consisting of extremely blurred photographs which were then cropped and placed into the booklet. Only the cover art was a product of the community. For EC2 – I opened it up wide. Anyone could contribute artwork to serve in the booklet and I received many, many submissions – so many that I did not use them all but anyone who did submit is represented in the final booklet. The cover art (and most of the booklet art) this time around is courtesy of Eric Fickes with additional contributions from Peter French, Chris Gannon, and Anna Thielke.
I didn’t have any volunteers for the intro track this time around so took care of that myself. Using a simple audio bed as a backdrop I placed representative samples from each contribution along a continuum. I think it makes a fine introduction to the album and there is also an accompanying exit track to provide a nice set of bookends to the collection.

As always – thank you to all contributing artists for making this release what it is.

Please do check out the collection… congratulate the contributing artists… many are probably open for interviews… spread the word and support your community.

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