Speaking on Edge Animate at Adobe MAX!

I’ll be happily speaking at Adobe MAX again this year on one of my favorite new topics: Edge Animate! Specifically: Using Edge Animate to Create a Reusable Component Set.

Title: Using Edge Animate to Create a Reusable Component Set

Description: This session will examine the Adobe Edge Animate Symbol structure and demonstrate a number of ways to achieve functional results similar to ActionScript using jQuery and JavaScript APIs. Learn these valuable techniques from Joseph Labrecque, senior interactive software engineer at the University of Denver.

In this session, we will:
• Provide an overview of the Edge Animate Symbol structure
• Demonstrate how to accomplish “component” creation
• Show how to reuse these components in projects

Location: Monday 3:30 PM – 511B

Track: Design and Creativity

Audience Type: Application Developer, Educator, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics/Visual Effects Artist, Web Designer, Web Developer

Product Type: CSS, Creative Cloud, Edge Animate, Flash Professional, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery

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  1. I want to make some animation using adobe edge animate and use the same in my GWT web application project. I succeeded in doing so by just using the .html. But the problem is I would like to control the functions or symbols in the edge .js from GWT’s client .java.

    I recon that GWT only accepts any external javascript code accessible through JSNI.However I tried this for an handwritten test.js and place it in a public folder next to .gwt.xml and added a “test.js” in my module.gwt.xml before the entry point class is called.In this way I was able to use the function inside test.js from my gwt client .java. My question is, Is is possible to use the same strategy with the edge animate .js and access the symbol and methods from client.java. In this case where should i place the edge_preload.js and edge_actions.js. Kindly help me.

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