1. Michael McConnel

    I think this is fantastic news. I’m hopeful that it will revitalize interest in the platform and that we’ll see a snowball effect as ‘old’ developers come back and new developers sign on. This technology is simply too good (and far better than our current alternatives for RIA) to sit on the sidelines.

    M. McConnell

  2. Marco Pallotta

    I agree, Flex is lightyears ahead in many regards…so simple yet powerful….I am always so impressed with Flex.

  3. Great news, Scout, Workers, Falcon JS – 2013 is the year of Flex Renaissance!

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  5. someFlasher

    I hope they tweak the performace a little bit. Also I would like to see some framework modules you can switch if it needs to be. But it is a nice framework at all. GOOOO APACHE!!!!

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