1. Nice quickie Joseph! Now join the forces to get this flash player issue resolved in OS X Chrome http://forums.adobe.com/thread/880967 that’s stopping allowing camera on your example app and also does not add your website to the global accepted list to approve man :)

  2. Can you flip the camera horizontally and still use StageVideo?

    1. Most cameras (webcams) are able to mirror using native software controls – are you saying you’d want to mirror the display via AS3? I’m not quite sure if that would be possible when using StageVideo.

  3. Andrew

    Hi This is strange, testing through your site i am able to preview the webcam.

    But it doesn’t seems to work. it is written StageVide => unavailable

    I’m using flash cs6 with flash player 11.7
    testing with air 3.7 same result.

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