1. Tahir Ahmed

    Thank you for this write up. One thing I did notice about using Python was that the script runs fine with Python2x and not 3x. Too many hiccups in 3x to resolve. Just thought I should add.

    And of course, Monocle rocks!


  2. Shane

    Command line in Python???

    1. Well you are simply running the Python script from CLI so that you can pass through a reference to the target swf.

  3. Shane

    More shyte from adobe.. see below..

    :\Python33>add-advanced-telemetry.py projectX.swf
    File “C:\Python33\add-advanced-telemetry.py”, line 98
    print(“\nIf PASSWORD is provided, then a password will be r
    vanced telemetry in Monocle.”)
    Error: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation

  4. Shane

    What version are you using of python Joseph?

    1. Version 3.x doesn’t seem to work for most people so be sure you are using 2.x – that doesn’t seem to be the only variable though.

      Cannot emphasis enough that the Python script is a temporary way to do this. Not Adobe’s final solution.

      1. Shane

        Right it works like this with the python route:

        use python 2.x,

        Run [python add-advanced-telemetry.py yourproject.swf]

        If like me you are crap with paths, stick all 3 files ‘python.exe’ the script and the swf in the one locationand run the command from CMD in the run menu in win 7.

        If successful the filesize of the SWF should have increased a good bit.

        Run monocle.

        I then ran my swf with iexplore for success as I found nothing happened when i ran it standalone.

        1. Glad to hear you got it going! Really fun digging through the data layers in Monocle.

  5. Gaurav

    I am having trouble enabling telemetry on my swf file…. when i run the python script on my file i get following error

    add-advanced-telemetry.py”, line 135, in
    assert(rh != “”)
    I am using python 2.7.3

  6. Colin

    So, is it possible to enable telemetry on Flex projects using the Python workaround? That seems to be subtly implied above but I want to make sure before I spend a bunch of time trying to get it to work. Thanks!

  7. I was wondering if anyone had the Python script handy? I downloaded the newest Prerelease of Scout / ProjectMoncole — Build 11/15/2012 (Drop 8) — and the DMG doesn’t seem to include the Python script. I’ve got a Flex project I’m working that I’d love to test with Scout.

      1. Okay. Was going to suggest to check with prerelease forums. I’d post a link but afraid I’d be eviscerated by Thibault.

  8. I notice this is only for ActionScript project. Anyways to get Flex project (any compiler switch) working?

  9. crooksy88

    Is it possible to use to script to enable telemetry on an iOS AIR app (ipa) that has been created through Flash Pro CS6?

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