1. Ivan

    Hello Joseph , my english is not very good so apologies for that, i buyed ur book and i am reading it , is very cool , i have a question for u what in nowhere place i can get a clear answer , in adobe edge , if i have for example 5 symbols :

    symbol 1 : very light content
    symbol2 : very light content
    symbol 3 : very liught content
    symbol 4: a movie like 10 megas

    do i can start my animation using the first 3 symbols ( are light ) and while its are playing load my 4 symbol so the user dont see it loading when it should be showed?

    at this time when i play my animation it start only when all content is loaded =(
    i have the question here but dont answer yet.
    Thanks for all ur help

    1. I’m not aware of any way that can be accomplished. Best to keep it all very, very light at this stage in the game.

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