AS3 Quickie – Removing the right-click menu from Flash content

One of the great new features introduced with Flash Player 11.2 is the ability to intercept the right-click from a user’s mouse. A simple MouseEvent listener can be added to the Stage or any object which extends flash.display.InteractiveObject. Not only does this have the effect of completely removing the right-click menu from Flash content, but we can also alternatively react to the right-click in any way we choose.

Requires Flash Player 11.2 or above!

To enable this, we must import the MouseEvent class into our project:


Next, let's add a listener to the Stage itself, disabling the context menu in the process:

stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK, doNothing);

In the included example, we also register a listener upon our MovieClip symbol. A right-click upon this will fire off an additional method which controls the animation:

angryFace.addEventListener(MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK, destroyFace);

That's it! A pretty simple solution for a problem that Flash developers have had pretty much since Flash was Flash :)

Here is the full source code:

package  {
	import flash.display.Sprite;
	import flash.display.MovieClip;
	import flash.display.MovieClip;
	public class KillContextMenu extends Sprite {
		public var angryFace:MovieClip;
		public function KillContextMenu() {
			stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK, doNothing);
			angryFace.addEventListener(MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK, destroyFace);
		private function doNothing(e:MouseEvent):void {
			//do nothing...
		private function destroyFace(e:MouseEvent):void {
			//send to oblivion

Want the full package? Download below:
Packaged code and Flash Professional CS6 project


  1. Thank you for this article. I have one question : Is it possible to use this with a link on the animation. i tried but i’m not an expert an i got many error codes.

    If it is possible, please let me know how.

    Thank for your help

  2. is it possible to achive the same from AS3 in flex builder, i had a go but could not get the rigjht click
    angryFace.addEventListener(MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK, destroyFace)
    to work

  3. I have the RIGHT_CLICK mouse event and function for that event in main class of flash project. I create the event using stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK, M2), where M2 is function which shall do something after right click. After doing this, flash right click menu gets disabled, but the function dont do anything else. Is there a way to fix it? I am using adobe flash, project flash player is 11.2.

  4. I have a project I am trying to turn off the right click. Can you be of any assistance.



  5. I was seeing the same issue as A3l, when running the script (including yours) in flash the function doesn’t appear to do anything, but once it’s published it works fine.

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