Getting Started with Flash Media Server

After presenting on this topic last month for the Hawaii Flash User Group, I was approached by the FMS User Group asking if I would do the presentation for them as well. No problem, right!

This presentation will provide an introduction to Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 and the use of streaming video with the Flash platform. We will have a look at a number of topics, including; setting up a local development server instance, testing RTMP, HDS, and HLS streaming with sample files, using the Flash Media Server adminstration console, extending HDS/HLS to tap into the applications directory to share RTMP-ready streams over HTTP, have a look at a variety of playback options including Strobe and the OSMF, provide some pointers on encoding tools and settings for video, examine some extended uses for Flash video playback through real-world application development scenarios.

So here are my slides and a link to the group entry:

[Looks I have the wrong AUG name on the slides… ah… should be FMS User Group]

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