I’m Speaking at 360|Flex in Denver

I’ll be talking all about using BlazeDS with Flex and Java! We’ll see why AMF is so useful whether being used in ColdFusion or Java get an overview of how to use these technologies together to create great applications.

Joseph Labrecque – Leveraging BlazeDS, Java, and Flex: Dynamic Data Transfer

Flex developers have it easy when using ColdFusion to transfer data over the Action Message Format (AMF) transfer protocol because these services are built into the core ColdFusion server. What if you aren’t using ColdFusion though? Can you get the same benefits of AMF when using Java? Yes – by employing the open source Adobe BlazeDS project!

This talk will include an overview of these technologies, how to configure them to work together, and provide examples of data transfer across systems through a variety of ActionScript/Flex code examples. Additionally we’ll examine a use-case for BlazeDS, Java Spring, and Flex in higher-education to aid in the gathering of a variety of media types to perform assessment activities across departments through a unique system of binary and textual submissions by responder groups within certain participating programs.

So that’s my session, but there are a ton of other great speakers and topics being presented. A bunch of people from Adobe, Appcelerator, and Sencha are going to be there too. Nightly parties and extended training sessions on Sunday. All good stuff!

Check out the schedule!

Have a chance to chat with all the great speakers, sponsors, and attendees!

And don’t forget to REGISTER! It has sold out in the past!

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