AIR for Android: “SketchNSave”

When I was first learning ActionScript 3.0 a few years back, the first thing I did was create a demo app called “Sketcher” which was a pure AS3 sketchpad written using FlashDevelop with the beta Flex 2 SDK. So when I needed a good starting project to work with AIR for Android, I decided to resurrect this project, buff it out into an AIR app and test it out on my Droid.

SketchNSave provides a canvas to perform simple sketches on your Android device using a variety of colors and nib sizes. I’ve added an interesting effect where as different strokes are applied, older ones will fade and blur into the canvas and newer strokes remain distinct and crisp. A user can clear the canvas at will, and even save the image to the device camera roll.

Just a side note that my three year old daughter absolutely loves playing with it, so I consider this a success!

This will be available in the Android Marketplace upon the release of AIR for Android. You can see a demonstration of the app running on a Motorola Droid in the video below!

And here’s a sampling of images created with the app (one by me and another by Paige):

UPDATE: SketchNSave Demo by 3yr. Old []


  1. Awesome! this works perfectly what I wanna! I’m finding a way how to save a image into Android’s Camera roll via AIR for Android. :-( Could you teach some snippets or some hint about how to save bitmap data into Android’s Camera roll, please? (T_T)

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