Adobe Not to Blame for Amazon Exploit

I had heard about a security concern over Amazon’s video streaming service a few days ago with a lot of people (including some at Amazon) blaming Adobe for the security hole.  Apparently, there is an exploit in their (Amazons) player that allows stream-ripping a full video.

I’ve read the documentation on FMS3 security features and have used quite a few myself.  Knowing these features, I could not understand how the Flash Player security model could be at fault- it seemed much more likely that the developers simply didn’t cover all their bases.

Whenever I read something like this, I am naturally concerned as I’ve thrown quite a bit of support behind FMS over the years.

Well, it seems that my hunch was correct and Adobe is not to blame.  People are far too quick to pass judgement on things like this, whether it’s Adobe, Microsoft, Apple or some other giant corporation, everyone jumps on the bandwagon when a story like this breaks.  Give it a rest…

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