Flash Media Interactive Server 3

We’ve been running Flash Media Interactive Server 3 for over two weeks now on one of our media servers and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was going to put off the upgrade from FMS2 for a few months while testing and waiting on a point release, but after having so many issues with FMS2 and with the security patch released last week, decided to just push ahead.

I’d recommend anyone having weird issues with FMS2 to upgrade as soon as you possibly can. It only takes about 15 minutes and will preserve all your current applications. I did need to update some of my client SWFs- but only because of how much more accurate this new version is.

While I had to continually monitor FMS2 for various problems, this new server has been nothing but stable, fast, and just a great performer all-around! I am honestly so pleased with the results that I want to give a general ‘thanks’ to the team involved in this latest release. You have taken a load off my shoulders!

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