Scalenine Appreciation

I’ve been aware of scalenine for some time now but haven’t had the chance to really look into the resources provided there until recently. I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to download these themes, pull them apart, and learn from example how to go about authoring a total customization of the Flex interface elements. Customization through CSS is so much nicer than applying attributes to the UI elements themselves. Much cleaner!

I’ve gone into my first little Flex widget to customize the design with what I’ve taken away from this experience and I’m very pleased. I’m only mucking around with the CSS here with no imported image assets and even so… such a change.

Destruction, Resurrection, and a New Design

At times I get the feeling that life would be simpler if I were to just totally remove all references of myself from the internet. This is, of course, pointless… once you have as much material out there as I do over the number of years I’ve been active within these “tubes”, it’s really impossible to wipe every trace of yourself from existence. But this does not mean that I do not long for it at times. I sometimes get in a real mood and want to “remove myself” for lack of a better term. Yesterday I totally wiped this website from my servers; files, database, everything. I just felt so compelled to do this and I really don’t have any idea why.

So this evening I’ve rebuilt everything (and upgraded to WordPress 2.2 to boot) along with the beginnings of a new design. Really a fresh look was probably all that was needed. I do wonder whether others in my profession have the same periodic compulsion for digital annihilation that I experience…