Animate CC: Interactive HTML5 Canvas Video Projects

Since beginning this practice with the Adobe Generation Professional demo sessions, I’ve begun recording any live demos using Camtasia 9 and uploading them to YouTube. The full session with all speakers is linked below as well – but this segment has better audio and video. I also include the project files created during the session if you wish to download. Part of the “Four Masters of Animate CC” session from December 10th, 2016. Direct link: Animate CC Demo Files Joseph’s demo files (with video included) [176 MB] Joseph’s demo files (no video) [20.7 KB] Full Recording (Adobe Connect) Full

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Adobe Media Server, Apache, and Windows

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time, for the benefit of anyone else who encounters the problem. Things are going to get crazy around here, so I might as well get this out there and out of my drafts! The problem itself is that we run a number of Adobe Media Server 5 instances at the University of Denver and after an upgrade over the Summer Quarter, streaming and stability pretty much went from 100% reliable to “we need to find another streaming solution”. So the setup is AMS5, bundled Apache 2.4, and Windows Server 2012. On

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Pleased to present a new course for HTML5 Canvas and WebGL in Flash Professional CC! Create a shared pool of content for a set of related projects—HTML5 video, a WebGL-rendered interactive ad, and an HTML5 Canvas game—using Flash Professional CC. No longer restricted to only ActionScript and Flash Player, Flash Professional CC offers more publishing possibilities than ever before. Developers can now use Flash to build assets and animation that target platforms such as HTML5 video, Canvas, and WebGL. And adding JavaScript allows for playback on just about any modern desktop or mobile device. This course focuses on using

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Pleased to present a new course for Building Custom HTML5 Video Playback with AngularJS! Develop a customized responsive video app that performs and appears great in all browsers, using AngularJS and Bootstrap. HTML video doesn’t require plugins for playback, but the default experience differs drastically across browsers. Using a combination of Bootstrap and AngularJS, you can develop a customized responsive video app that performs and appears great in all browsers—unifying the user experience and allowing custom functionality, such as playlists and full-screen playback. Join Joseph Labrecque for this start-to-finish course that guides you through every step in the process,

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Announcing AS3-WebVTT

AS3-WebVTT is a set of ActionScript 3.0 utility classes which enable the parsing and sorting of standard WebVTT (.vtt) files for video captioning. Why write a WebVTT parser in AS3? Simple. A lot of video is still served with Flash Player or AIR – we certainly still use it extensively at the University of Denver. Recently, we’ve found the need to integrate captioning through a standard format across our video delivery tools. We settled on support for the WebVTT standard and now make our work available for everyone. Another example of web standards and Flash innovation working hand in hand! So how is it

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