Adobe Edge Preview 6 released!

A new version of Adobe Edge is out at Adobe Labs! Adobe Edge Preview 6 includes a number of new features including:

  • Welcome Screen redesign
  • Lessons Panel
  • Instant Transition Mode
  • Full code mode in Code Editor
  • Edge Symbol file format
  • Google Chrome Frame support for down level browsers
  • Auto-Keyframe mode changes
  • Editable Time Codes
  • Context menu improvements
  • Copy & Paste, Import & Export Symbols
  • Publish to DPS
  • Publish to iBooks
  • Render Static HTML
  • Localization

That’s a LOT of new stuff since preview 5! In preparation for these release, I’ve recorded six new videos focusing on specific aspects of this release.

Adobe Edge Preview 6: Welcome Screen and Lessons Panel

Joseph Labrecque demonstrates the new enhanced welcome screen and new Lessons Panel in Adobe Edge Preview 6.

Adobe Edge Preview 6: Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog

Joseph Labrecque demonstrates the new keyboard shortcuts dialog in Adobe Edge Preview 6.

Adobe Edge Preview 6: Code Panel

Joseph Labrecque demonstrates the new Code Panel in Adobe Edge Preview 6.

Adobe Edge Preview 6: Exporting and Importing Symbols

Joseph Labrecque demonstrates the export and import of Symbols in Adobe Edge Preview 6.

Adobe Edge Preview 6: Publish Settings Enhancements

Joseph Labrecque demonstrates the enhancements made to publish settings in Adobe Edge Preview 6.

Adobe Edge Preview 6: General Enhancements

Joseph Labrecque demonstrates a few of the general enhancements in Adobe Edge Preview 6.

As always, these and other Edge resources can be accesses via

The Flashy Side of Adobe Edge at D2W

The D2W conference in Kansas City, MO is coming up fast! This will be my second year at D2W and I’m getting pretty amped up for it. For those not in the know; D2W is the Designer/Developer/Mobile Workflow Conference and includes just a stunning amount of great people speaking, organizing, and attending: tons of Adobe and community people… authors, video tutorialists, and real honest-to-goodness experts in such a variety of areas.

I’m thrilled to be speaking again this year, this time on two of my most favourite subjects: Flash and Edge :)  Check out the session information below.

The Flashy Side of Adobe Edge

Thursday, May 17 9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

What features could Adobe Edge possibly include that would appeal to designers and developers working in Flash Professional? Well, turns out to be a whole lot! From authoring motion content to rich interactivity for the web, Edge effectively borrows a lot of the familiar constructs and paradigms from Flash Professional – and even improves upon some. We’ll walk through similarities between Flash Professional and Edge and how designers familiar with older toolsets can adapt that knowledge when integrating Edge into their workflow. We’ll also look at methods of sharing assets and the transport of content between related applications.

Also, I’ll be giving away a copy of my “Adobe Edge Quickstart Guide” during the session! Bring business cards!!!

Register for D2W now at!

Big day for Adobe releases; Lightroom, SWF Investigator, Adobe Gaming, and SHADOW

So Adobe has gone kinda nuts over the past 24 hours. Here’s all the new goodies:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4 software provides a comprehensive set of digital photography tools, from powerfully simple one-click adjustments to cutting-edge advanced controls. Create images that inspire, inform, and delight.

Adobe SWF Investigator

Adobe® SWF Investigator is the only comprehensive, cross-platform, GUI-based set of tools, which enables quality engineers, developers and security researchers to quickly analyze SWF files to improve the quality and security of their applications. With SWF Investigator, you can perform both static and dynamic analysis of SWF applications with just one toolset. SWF Investigator lets you quickly inspect every aspect of a SWF file from viewing the individual bits all the way through to dynamically interacting with a running SWF.

Adobe Gaming

Only the Adobe® Flash® Platform lets you deliver your game to 500 million iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, and Nook mobile devices and 99% of connected computers — with no additional install. One codebase. Unmatched reach and possibilities.


Adobe Shadow

Adobe® Shadow is a new inspection and preview tool that allows front-end web developers and designers to work faster and more efficiently by streamlining the preview process, making it easier to customize websites for mobile devices.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards: Finalists

ADAA 2011 Finalists

I strongly suggest that if you are interested in digital artistry (including; installations, app development, browser-based design, mobile, animation, game design, print, et cetera) you head over and check out the Adobe Design Achievement Awards finalists for 2011.

You can read about each finalist, view team members, see samples of the work, and even comment or share via social media. Really amazing work from people all over the globe can be seen over at

Plus, if you want to attend the awards ceremony in Taipei, there is an open invitation this year!

Flash Development for Android Cookbook – eBook giveaway!

I’ll be at Adobe’s San Jose headquarters this week for the Adobe Education Leader Institute – and thought this will be a great time to run a little contest in promotion of my book! I’ll be giving away a couple copies of the eBook version through Packt.

The eBook version is great; I’ve been using this myself, as I go about my mobile work for quick reference and it’s been delightfully helpful. Very easy to do a quick text search or pull up the table on contents and so forth.

All you have to do to win a copy is visit and leave a comment here about a feature that interests you. Then, just link to your comment on Twitter – use the hashtag #FlashAndroidBook and be sure to follow me or it will not count!

The giveaway will run for a week and I’ll pick winners at random on Sunday the 31st! Spread the word!

Incidentally; for those interested in reviewing the book, contact Shaveer Irani (shaveeri – AT – with the subject line of “Flash Development for Android Cookbook – Review” and the publisher may just hook you up!