Slides from my Adobe Education Leader Institute 2012 sessions

As expected, I had a great time at my fourth Adobe Education Leader Institute this year. Presenting, discussing, networking, sharing, and learning – there is truly no other gathering like it. I was able to present a talk on the persistent value of the Flash Platform in education, provide a workshop in Flash game design, and also a few smaller things throughout the week: including a 5 minute talk based upon one of my AS3 Quickies (removal of right-click menu in FP 11.2). The slides for my two major items are below.

What’s Going On with the Adobe® Flash® Platform and why it is still Relevant for Education
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 – Adobe Headquarters

With the recent rise of web technologies like HTML5, it is important that the Flash Player continually evolve to remain the ideal technology platform for advanced interaction on the Web and beyond. Flash has always been an important enabler for education, and remains so. This session details the various enhancements, new functionality, and general improvements available in the new versions of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR®.

Game Design with Adobe® Flash® Professional CS6
Thursday, July 26, 2012 – Adobe Headquarters

Joseph Labrecque shows you how to build a simple game for mobile devices that teaches concepts. You’ll assemble components into a mobile game that can be deployed to multiple mobile devices. We will cover Timing, Mouse Interaction, Character Movement, Object Rotation, Scrolling Backgrounds, Obstacles, Collision Detection, Game Loop, Scoreboard, Player Health, Asset Skinning, Sound Managers, Game States, Movement Constraints, Packages/Classes, Randomization, Garbage Collection, and Game Cleanup!

(Full workshop code will be available in a later post)

My Adobe MAX 2011 Speaking Schedule

I realized this morning that I have yet to write about the various sessions I’ll be doing during Adobe MAX in Los Angeles this year. Normally, I begin advertising these sessions much earlier… ah well. Here they are!

Adobe MAX - "From Desktop to Mobile: Application Functionality for Small Screens"

Adobe MAX 2011
From Desktop to Mobile: Application Functionality for Small Screens
Tuesday, 4:00-5:00

Explore the issues of moving an established RIA experience from desktop to mobile. Join Joseph Labrecque from the University of Denver as he discusses transitioning the viewing experience for a campus resource from desktop to mobile. This session will examine how to take advantage of new workflow considerations across Adobe toolsets and determine what existing functionality is suitable for mobile applications, investigate device restrictions that can impact the general user experience, and describe how to make users aware of a new mobile application and what to expect.

Adobe Education Summit - "From Desktop to Mobile: Application Functionality for Small Screens (condensed)"

Adobe Education Summit
From Desktop to Mobile: Application Functionality for Small Screens
Sunday, 2:15-2:50?

(This is a condensed version of my official MAX session)

FITC - "UX Concerns across Mobile Platforms"

FITC Unconference
UX Concerns across Mobile Platforms
Tuesday, 12:00-12:30

All three major mobile OS platforms have certain user experience expectations in place. This session will examine existing UX paradigms for Android, iOS, and QNX, the importance of adhering to user expectations through these constructs, and present some circumstances when deviation may be appropriate.

Also be sure to check out CodeBassRadio and Nerd Radio at the Community Pavilion!

UPDATE: I’m now also TA for Matt Gifford’s BYOD Lab!

Adobe MAX - "Mobile Apps from 0 to 90: Powered by ColdFusion"

Adobe MAX 2011
Mobile Apps from 0 to 90: Powered by ColdFusion
Tuesday, 8:00-9:30

In this 90 minute lab, you’ll use Adobe Flash Builder to develop a mobile application from the ground up, compiling it as an Adobe AIR app. Learn how to create and push views, add a tabbed menu interface, and call and manage remote data from a ColdFusion web server. You’ll also debug and deploy the final application to your mobile Android device.

Speaking at Ignite Denver 9

Ignite Denver 9

I had a blast at Ignite Denver 8 and against my better judgement am doing it again!

Zombies, Vampires and Babies – What You NEED to Know!!
June 21st, 2011 (7:00pm – doors at 6:00pm)
Oriental Theater
4335 West 44th Avenue, Denver, CO

Grab tickets at

Vote for my Spark! Ignite Denver 8

Ignite Denver
Voting closes on Friday for Ignite Denver 8 Spark proposals. I encourage anyone reading this to go vote now! Registration is not required.

I’ve been trying to get to an Ignite Denver event for a while now and had to miss the past two because of prior obligations. Pretty psyched to have the chance to do one of these, finally.

My Spark reads as follows:

Joseph Labrecque: Exposing Yourself with Reckless Abandon

There are consequences to every action a person takes. With any publicized action, the consequenses go up a hundred-fold. From publishing to performance, live speaking to recorded words, why you shouldn’t give a damn what others think about your work and how to make the positive absolutely crush any negativity that comes your way!

So please, vote me up – I also encourage you to vote up Sparks proposed by Eric Fickes and Jun Heider!

Vote for my Spark!

Denver miniMAX at RMAUG – Nov. 9th

I’ll be presenting the condensed version of my Adobe MAX session at the upcoming RMAUG meeting on November 9th along with a number of other stellar speakers during miniMAX. Definitely stop by if you have time as it promises to be a great evening of distilled MAX goodness and discussion!

Adobe MAX 2010, photo by Joseph Labrecque
General Session, Adobe MAX 2010 - photo by Joseph Labrecque

Rocky Mountain Adobe User Group – miniMAX
November 09, 2010 | 6:30 – 9:00pm
Location: Casselman’s – map + directions


Want to learn what’s new and next from Adobe, but didn’t make it to MAX? RMAUG’s miniMAX meeting brings the best of MAX to Denver in two fast-paced hours. We have MAX speakers and attendees ready to recreate MAX sessions on everything from Flash to Photoshop. And, those big announcements and sneaks? We cover those, too.

  • Mobile DevelopmentRJ Owen & Juan Sanchez, EffectiveUI
  • AIR for Higher EducationJoseph Labrecque, DU
  • Flash Platform Services – David Jared, Adobe
  • Photoshop Jaw Droppers – Noah Geitka, RealEyes

Announcements, and Giveaways

Finally, just like the real MAX, we’ll have some awesome giveaways! This is the meeting where we give away CS5 via the RMAUG raffle system. And, we’ll give away anything else we can snag at the conference.


Can’t make it in person? Join us remotely via Adobe Connect. Select the Connect option when you RSVP to get the details.