Using HTML5 Canvas In Animate CC: JavaScript Basics

I have another article up on the Adobe Animate team blog – this time dealing with the basics of using JavaScript and CreateJS within Animate CC. For nearly 20 years, the programming language used within Animate (Flash Professional) projects has been ActionScript. So why the current shift to JavaScript? Well, it isn’t exactly as simple as that. For one thing, Animate is not a JavaScript only application. You use JavaScript in projects which require it, such as HTML5 Canvas and WebGL… but you can still use ActionScript on projects which are to be published for Flash Player or AIR, including

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Edge Animate to Animate CC: Responsive Scaling and Positioning

I’ve received a lot of inquiries by Edge Animate users as to how to make items responsive within Animate CC. So many, in fact, that I decided to produce a number of demonstration projects, record some video on each one, and write this little article. First, I’ll just emphasize that the way Edge Animate handles things like element scaling and sizing is very DOM-oriented… because it works within the very narrow focus of the browser DOM. Animate CC is platform-agnostic (not specifically an HTML tool) and works differently in terms of targeting a single element when targeting HTML5 Canvas (the canvas

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Pleased to present a new course for HTML5 Canvas and WebGL in Flash Professional CC! Create a shared pool of content for a set of related projects—HTML5 video, a WebGL-rendered interactive ad, and an HTML5 Canvas game—using Flash Professional CC. No longer restricted to only ActionScript and Flash Player, Flash Professional CC offers more publishing possibilities than ever before. Developers can now use Flash to build assets and animation that target platforms such as HTML5 video, Canvas, and WebGL. And adding JavaScript allows for playback on just about any modern desktop or mobile device. This course focuses on using

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Pleased to present a new course for Building Custom HTML5 Video Playback with AngularJS! Develop a customized responsive video app that performs and appears great in all browsers, using AngularJS and Bootstrap. HTML video doesn’t require plugins for playback, but the default experience differs drastically across browsers. Using a combination of Bootstrap and AngularJS, you can develop a customized responsive video app that performs and appears great in all browsers—unifying the user experience and allowing custom functionality, such as playlists and full-screen playback. Join Joseph Labrecque for this start-to-finish course that guides you through every step in the process,

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PhoneGap Jumpstart

I’ve always found that getting started with PhoneGap if you hadn’t used it before (and sometimes even if you have) to be an exercise in frustration which even when it all goes well… takes some time and dedication. For example… Here are the steps I take when setting up on a new Windows environment for Android: download and install Java- add to path [C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_45\bin] add new system var JAVA_HOME [C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_51] download and install ANT – add to path and be sure to RESTART [C:\ANT\bin] download and install ADT [] download and update the Android SDK from tools [pray] create a new Android VM for

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Animated Infographics with Flash Professional

Adobe is holding a number of neat professional development events for educators over the next few months. I’ll be hosting two sessions on Flash Professional CC at the end of October that I encourage you to attend. The morning session will go over the basics of getting content from Adobe Illustrator into a Flash Project, animating that content, and publishing it as a single animated infographic in Flash Player. In the afternoon, we’ll see how to convert our Flash project to target HTML5 Canvas, build interactive elements, tween the entire infographic based upon user control, and more! Easy animated infographics with

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Converting Flash Interactives to HTML5

Over the past two weeks, I’ve taken on a project to convert an old (OLD) Flash interactive tool to HTML5. My primary reason for doing this is not so that it will run on mobile browsers… but rather that it would be an easier task to rewrite the thing in HTML5 rather than get all of the old AS1/2 code together, grab an old version of Flash Professional, locate and configure the external remoting libraries, and sift through my crappy old non-OOP code to figure out how to make a couple of simple changes. No thank you! The benefits to

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