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Google I/O Day 2: Android 2.2, Flash, and AIR!!!

So much cool stuff out of Google I/O today! New version of Android, Flash Player and AIR news, Google TV… really overshadows yesterday’s keynote in all ways. Another small list of takeaways and links:

  • Android 2.2 “Froyo” – Honestly, Google wiped the floor with Apple’s used up corpse with this release.
  • Flash Player 10.1 for Android – Beta now for Android 2.2 “With Flash on your phone, no website is really out of bounds.  Flash does not appear to be a battery hog, nor does it chew away at your phone’s resources.” -Wired
  • AIR for Android – You can read all about it and sign up for the prerelease.
  • Google TV – Google TV includes Flash Player 10.1 integrated directly into the Google Chrome browser delivering the full Web to consumers on their television sets

Now we just have to wait for carriers to ready and distribute OTA Android 2.2 updates… Hopefully it won’t take as long as 2.1 took to get to my Droid.

Google I/O Day 1: Expense Reports!

So what’s the coolest thing shown at Google I/O today? Expense report apps? Ha… no… Though there was a lot of other stuff to love. Here’s a list of items I found compelling:

AIR for Android: Expanded View of “StudyShuffler”

I mentioned before that while most people in the AIR for Android prerelease program are porting their iPhone applications over from Packager for iPhone projects to AIR for Android, I’ve been working more or less from scratch on my projects.

Last week, I published a short video demonstrating an educational application called “StudyShuffler”. While it did function just fine, there wasn’t so much to it. Well, I’ve done some more work on it and the experience of using the app is now much more rewarding. I’ve recorded another video to demonstrate this which you can find directly below: