AIR for Android: Expanded View of “StudyShuffler”

I mentioned before that while most people in the AIR for Android prerelease program are porting their iPhone applications over from Packager for iPhone projects to AIR for Android, I’ve been working more or less from scratch on my projects. Last week, I published a short video demonstrating an educational application called “StudyShuffler”. While it […]


A New Era of Openness and Collaboration

Something is happening… a shift in thinking. A movement to embrace the best technologies available to provide developers with the most compelling platforms, and users with the most pleasant of experiences. A shift away from single gatekeeper systems and toward the wide open planes of freedom and choice. I’m thankful, and grateful, to be a […]


Custom Event Reporting from Flash to Google Analytics

Back at Adobe MAX 2009 in Los Angeles, I did a 30 minute presentation for FITC. This is a composite video from a screen recording I did on my presenter laptop merged with the live stream hosted by Influxis. I’ve been reformatting a lot of the presentations and webinars I’ve done over the past year […]

News from Mobile World Congress 2010

There is a lot of exciting news for the Flash Platform community coming out of Barcelona, Spain at the Mobile World Congress. Firstly, Adobe has announced that Flash Player 10.1 is coming for almost all mobile operating systems including Android, the BlackBerry® platform, Symbian® OS, Palm® webOS and Windows Mobile®. Flash Player 10.1 is the […]

Flash Player 10.1 Demo on Android 2.1

Today, Google hosted an “Android Press Gathering” where they revealed the detailed of the Google “Nexus One” phone. Shortly thereafter, Adobe posted the following video demonstration of Flash Player 10.1 running on the forthcoming Android 2.1 (coming soon for Nexus One, Droid, so forth): Looks like it’s running very nicely on the device! I’ve been […]