D’evilution! (Ludum Dare #24)

Looking at getting into gaming using Flash, Unity, or HTML5? Want to see some great examples of gaming using these and other tech? Want full source code for all these examples to learn from? If any of this interests you – you’ll be happy to have a look at the 1400+ games developed during Ludum Dare #24 this past weekend.

Ludum Dare (Latin: “to give a game“) is a regular accelerated game development event which takes place over 48 hours. A theme is voted on in the days following up to the event and the chosen theme is revealed at the event start time. Participants basically are going into these 48 hours with nothing prepared since the theme is secret… and all assets and code (aside from external libraries and such) must be created during those 48 hours. Anything that isn’t must be declared beforehand – making for a pretty intense experience for the participants.

This was my first Ludum Dare (although I have contemplated joining previous ones) and I really enjoyed the experience. Ever since I had the pleasure of tech editing Christer Kaitila’s “The Game Jam Survival Guide“, I’ve been wanting to give something like this a shot.

My motivation for this round was to force familiarity with a specific ActionScript gaming engine. I wasn’t sure what I would use until the theme was announced and settled on the popular Flixel engine. I’m happy that I did – as this engine really makes everything quite simple when throwing a game together. Initially I was put off by the theme (“Evolution”), having absolutely zero ideas on where to begin, but that all worked out as I put time into developing the concept. I learned a ton about Flixel – which was my main goal. Picked up a lot of other new experiences and had fun doing it!

Some of the final game is a bit rough… I know there are some spelling errors, for instance. Some of the game logic could be fixed and there is certainly room for cleaning up the code. here could also be a bit of challenge added to the game as right now it is COMPLETELY story-driven in a minimalistic fashion. The soundtrack could also be cleaned up as well as the sprites.

I’m really happy with the way it all came together.

Tools used:

  • Adobe Flash Builder 4.6
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS6
  • Flixel
  • DAME
  • FL Studio
  • Native Instruments Komplete 7
  • Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6
  • Adobe Media Encoder CS6
  • Adobe Audition CS6

Had a great time doing this even with limitations imposed by family, clients, publishers, and the rest. I’d encourage anyone to give it a go – even if they don’t think 48 hours is enough time.

Check out my game – D’evilution!

Flash Killa’!

During my Flash gaming workshop at the Adobe Education Leader Institute, we built out a little game which covers the following game development concepts; Timing, Mouse Interaction, Character Movement, Rotation, Scrolling Backgrounds, Obstacles, Collision Detection, Game Loop, Scoreboard, Player Health, Sound Management, States, Constraints, Packages/Classes, Garbage Collection, and Game Cleanup!

The game is called Flash Killa’ and is a fun little shooter that demonstrates the historical reality that “All the Flash Killa’s come up short“. Take on the role of AJAX, Silverlight, JavaFX, HTML5, and even Adobe Livemotion :)

Download the full Flash Professional CS6 FLA and AS3 source code package.

Play the game: FLASH KILLA’ (website built with Adobe Edge ;)

Flash Technology Gaming Series: AIR for iOS

Adobe has scheduled a full series of six webinars focused on building games for iOS using Flash and AIR! If you’ve ever wanted to get into this growing area – this should be a really nice opportunity to do so. The series will cover Adobe Flash technologies for development of games and apps for iOS, beginning June 21st, through August 2nd.

Topics will cover:

  1. AIR For iOS – Build Your First iOS App – “Hello World”
  2. AIR For iOS – Features, Capabilities, and Limitations
  3. AIR For iOS – Measuring Performance Using Instruments and Monocle
  4. Build Your First iOS Native Extension With Adobe AIR
  5. Debugging AIR Native Extension For iOS
  6. AIR 3.3 – New Graphics Features

How very cool! One would imagine that if these are well-attended; that Adobe would schedule more in the future for other aspects of the growing Flash ecosystem.

Another bit of related news: after a rather large theatrical run, Indie Game: The Movie is now being delivered through Steam using Adobe AIR. This is pretty neat since Flash is such a great platform for building gaming experiences in the browser and across devices.