Work on DUVAGAII Mentioned in The Latest CTL Newsletter

DUVAGAII is an application which heavily relies on a number of Flash modules written in ActionScript 2.0 for delivery of images, audio, and video content. We have also integrated the Flash Media Server to produce some really amazing video editing tools. The only people who have access to the system right now are faculty and students who are using it in the classroom for the organization, arrangement, editing, and presentation of digital objects. There will be a public side to DUVAGAII once we complete the core functionality and build up our collection of copyright free objects. A PDF of the newsletter can be found here.

Forcing XML Refresh in ActionScript 2.0

I’ve been working with Flash since version 4 but only came across this trick a few weeks ago. Normally, when using the XML object in ActionScript to load data into your application, if the XML file has been cached, Flash will not reload updated XML data until the cache is cleared or expires. For many applications I’ve worked on, this has been a small issue as data can be updated many times during the day. To force Flash to always retrieve a new version of the XML, you must append a unique identifier to the URL in the load method. For instance, using getTimer(), you can say:

var myXML:XML;
myXML = new XML();
myXML.ignoreWhite = true;