– Adobe Animate CC: First Look has published my new, short video course on the recently released Adobe Animate CC!


After 20 years, Flash is changing its name and focus to Adobe Animate—signaling an entirely new direction for the product. Animate presents animators’ favorite Flash tools in a familiar interface, and adds features such as vector art brushes and taggable swatches. Get your first look at Adobe Animate and learn about the new tools and improved interface as well the integration of Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock, which allows animators to bring their own digital assets as well as high-quality stock imagery and artwork right into Adobe Animate. Plus, find out about onion skinning and stage improvements and the enhanced publishing workflow for HTML Canvas, Flash Player, and AIR.

Start watching for your first look at the new era in Adobe animation: Adobe Animate CC.

Adobe Animate CC: First Look

Train Simple – Animate CC Game Development

Train Simple has published a new course of mine focused on the new Adobe Animate CC and specifically HTML5 canvas game development with CreateJS!


In this course, Joseph Labrecque guides you through developing web-based games for HTML5 Canvas using Adobe Animate CC. We are going to look at the entire game development process, including building the game world and environment, devising core game mechanics, creating a multi-state, interactive player sprite, along with a set of obstacles and rewards. We’ll also integrate audio into our game and build out a start screen and game interface to supply user feedback mechanisms. By the end of this course you should have a solid understanding of how to work with Animate CC for game creation.

Animate CC Game Development

What is Animate CC


What is Animate CC – comprehensive introductory overview video for Adobe showcasing loads of community content.

See how you can use Animate CC to create a variety of animated content such as animated cartoons, advertisements, games, and other interactive content to publish on platforms such as HTML5 Canvas, Flash Player & Air, WebGL, or custom platforms such as Snap SVG.