Good-bye, MAX2008

Having visited the last sessions of the day and printed out my airline boarding pass, it’s time to wind down. I’m thinking of having another salt-encrusted experience tonight as a send-off.

A lot of great experiences at MAX this year including a day at Adobe HQ, some cool product announcements, stimulating networking opportunities, absolute killer sneaks, and the largest party I have ever been to, covering the de Young museum and California Academy of Sciences grounds. Insane.

I presented during the FITC unconference on the last day of MAX. It was a nice experience aside from some technical glitches here and there. My SlideRocket presentation is embedded below- though it won’t make to much sense without me speaking about each portion:

Here’s some descriptive info:

VPS is an extension of DUVAGA that can be installed on a user’s desktop or laptop computer in order to project gallery objects through either single or multiple projection setups.

Some other totally awesome stuff happened too. Those details will wait for another day.

MAX: Education Pre-Conference

I was fortunate enough to attend the Adobe MAX Education Pre-Conference today and the reception afterward. The event took place at the Adobe San Francisco offices and turned out to be quite the nice experience. Special thanks to Claire Erwin, Gina Adams, and Megan Stewart for organizing this event.

Lots of great stuff for educators and those of use who work in educational institutions. Thanks for being willing to shift the focus!

MAX: San Francisco is Humid

I arrived yesterday afternoon at San Francisco International. Took the BART to Powell and checked in at the Marriott. Pretty tired after the flight from Denver. SF is like Boulder on steroids crack in terms of the atmosphere and unexpectedly very hot and humid. I was going to take my longcoat but chose a small jacket instead. Even that is too much.

I ate at the Marriott steakhouse restaurant- which being a vegetarian isn’t my first choice- but the food was excellent. Had a “Salt-encrusted Baked Potato” and a salad. Great potato! Then I pretty much crashed for the evening.

For today, I’ll be attending the Adobe MAX Education Pre-Conference sessions and picking up my event badge. Looking forward to the welcome reception this evening as well.

Before I left Denver, I also received the news that I’d been confirmed as an Adobe Higher Education Leader. Very cool.

Looking forward to a great time here at MAX!