Open Screen Project: Views from the Trenches – Recording

Hey! The panel recording of Open Screen Project: Views from the Trenches from 360|Flex 2011 in Denver is finally available! Recording and details below!

RMAUG OpenVideoPanelDiscussion by realeyes media

Open Screen Project: Views from the Trenches

Date and Time
April 12, 2011 07:00 PM – 08:00 PM (GMT-7 Mountain Time US & Canada)

Jonathan Campos
Jun Heider – moderator
Antonio Holguin
Joseph Labrecque
Matt Legrand
Ben Stucki
Jeff Tapper

It’s the first half of 2011 and Adobe’s Open Screen Project initiative has started to really gather some momentum. From a vision of grandeur to the assimilation of a number of different devices and form factors, the Open Screen Project is well on it’s way to becoming a fully realized reality. From Windows, Mac, Linux, to Android, QNX, iOS, and WebOS Adobe has significantly increased the audience consuming ActionScript-based applications on devices from Desktop, web, tablet, mobile, and TV. Come hear how this initiative looks from the eyes of your peers, fellow ActionScript and Flex developers. Gain some insight on how to ride this multi-screen wave of the future.

The D2W Conference is coming up fast!

D2W Conference 2011

D2W is the designer/developer/workflow conference held in Kansas City, MO. This year, it is taking place at the Crowne Plaza hotel on Friday July 15th and Saturday the 16th, following a preconferece workshop day.

What attracted me to this event was its unique focus on workflow across design and development areas. I am not aware of any other conference that claims such a focus, and considering workflow is something we designers and developers deal with every day (whether we realize it or not), happens to be an excellent opportunity to really concentrate on the issues involved in this work. Bringing both designers and developers (and hybrids!) together to talk about workflow is such a compelling idea!

Speaking of which; have you had a look at the speakers page at all? There is a real stand-out group of people speaking at this event – quite a variety too! Session topics involve technologies such as Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, a variety of design tools, IDEs… and all of this across desktop and mobile. In fact, along with the design and develop tracks from last year, Dee has added a specific mobile track to the event. Check out the session lineup for particulars.

I’ll be presenting a session called Adapting Expectations to Fit a Mobile Workflow at 10:55 on day one as part of the mobile track. I’m scheduled at the same time as Michelle Yaiser and David Ortinau… would have liked to hear either of them speak! Ah, well…

Sounds like a great conference, right? Ping me on Twitter for a discount code!

Here is my current lineup. It will change, of course!

Day 1 – July 15

Day 2 – July 16

Still reading? Hope to see many of you in Kansas City!

CodeBass Radio: Runtime Expectations Interview with Joseph Labrecque

Adrian Pomilio interviews Joseph Labrecque at 360|Flex in Denver, CO – April 2011.

I was interviewed for the Runtime Expectations internet radio show while at 360|Flex in Denver. It was great chatting with Adrian and we touched upon many subjects over the course of the interview. Some of the topics discussed during the interview include: music composition, book and tutorial authoring, the AEL and ACP programs with Adobe, mobile development, teaching technical subjects, and the sad state of tech journalism.

I encourage anyone interested to  check out the other interviews from 360|Flex including John Wilker, the Nielsen Company, and Mollie Rusher of On3!

What is Runtime Expectations?
Join Ben Farrell, Adrian Pomilio, and Bucky Schwarz as they broadcast live from Cuban Revolution in downtown Durham, NC with a beer in one hand and a mic in the other.  They’ll be covering all the aspects of software development that compel them to put a beer in that first hand. Shows feature both live guests and call-ins.

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Speaking on Mobile Workflow at D2W!

D2WC Speaker

Thrilled to announce that I will be speaking in the mobile track for the upcoming Designer/Developer/Mobile Workflow Conference (D2WC)!

One of my goals for this year was to attend and present at a few conferences that I’d never been to before; as I think it’s important to move beyond ordinary paths every so often. Well, so far I am attending 360|Flex and speaking at D2WC and Ignite Denver – so this goes a long way to fulfill that goal. I’ll hopefully be able to make my regular appearances at the Adobe Summer Institute and Adobe MAX (including the FITC Unconference) as well. This would provide me with a new conference opportunity every 3-4 months. Not bad!

I really like the premise of this conference. I began my professional career as a designer and shifted to a developer role early on so that I would be able to easily move across the complete workflow. Most of the work I do now is still on the developer side of things- but design remains a big part of my day-to-day work, and my personal workflow between the two areas is always changing. It is an exciting area to focus on for a conference!

My session information is below:

Adapting Expectations to Fit a Mobile Workflow
Friday, July 15th 2011 10:55AM – 11:55PM
Mobile devices exploded onto the scene in 2010 with a number of new platforms and form factors emerging to the forefront, iOS4, Android 2.2, mobile Flash Player, AIR for Android, QNX, iPad and other tablets… not to mention the digital living room. A literal invasion of unfamiliar platforms and devices with their own, unique sets of peculiarities and limitations. Such a radical shift in technology demands a concurrent shift in how we design and develop for these innovations. Where do we scale back? What additional functionality should we keep in mind during the planning phase? What restrictions do we need to work into the design and development phases of project workflow? We’ll discuss these problems in depth and attempt to find some practical adjustments to the current workflow to make the mobile process a bit more straightforward.

Of course, that is just my contribution. There are a lot of great speakers lined up and the following sessions are definitely on my must-see list:

  • Chad Udell – Is Mobile For Me? What Skills Do I Need?
  • David Orthinou – Developers – The Most Critical Designers On Your Project
  • Paul Trani – Hybrid – Complete Flash Workflow – From Design to Multiple Devices
  • Michelle Yaiser – We need to talk: Things you can do to prevent breaking up with your developer
  • Ben Stucki – The Dirty Truth About Project Management — how to get PM’s to do what you need to do?
  • Doug Winnie – TBA (also the keynote!)
  • Jim Babbage – wireframing/prototyping for mobile using Fireworks
  • Tom Green – Rocking the house with After Effects and Flash
  • Antonio Holguin – The smartest designer/developer workflow to build Flex/AIR Projects
  • Chris Griffith – UI Design Patterns for RIAs and Mobile
  • Elad Elrom – Make your Flex application show some skin

Don’t want to leave anyone out, so be sure to check out the full schedule.

Here are the conference details. I strongly urge you to join us!

Designer/Developer Workflow Conference
3 main tracks – designer, developer, and mobile
July 14-16, Kansas City, MO
Crown Plaza Hotel

Register Now!

Progressing beyond the Desktop at Universities with Adobe AIR

My Adobe MAX 2010 session recording and slides are now available for viewing.

Joseph Labrecque, Adobe MAX 2010 - photo by Marc Dubois

Join Joseph Labrecque from the University of Denver as he demonstrates the various features of Adobe AIR 2 and AIR for Android and how they can be used in a university setting. Learn how the university is leveraging AIR to expand and supplement a host of university projects and applications. Labrecque will preview new AIR projects he is working on and share his experiences with the AIR for Android prerelease for building mobile applications on campus.