Why Flash Professional Still Matters for the Web and Beyond

Adobe has placed some very significant effort into making Flash Professional a multi-platform, target-agnostic animation and asset creation tool. The results — are spectacular! No longer constrained to a single platform and budding with new creative tooling; Flash Professional has become an animation and interactivity powerhouse.

Join Joseph Labrecque, Adobe Community Professional and author of the new Lynda.com course “HTML5 Canvas and WebGL in Flash Professional CC” for an overview on using Adobe Flash Professional CC 2015 to publish content for HD Video, HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, animated SVG, and more! Give Flash Professional another look — and spread the word.

Presentation for Adobe Community groups.

Apache Flex Committer

Having been on vacation – I’m a bit late in posting this… but last week was invited to join Apache Flex as a committer. I accepted :)

The Apache Flex PMC is excited to welcome Joseph Labrecque as our newest committer! Joseph has been steadily contributing to the Flash and Flex community for several years. He is very well known in the learning and conference speaking circuits as well.

Please join us in welcoming him as a committer to the Apache Flex project.

So what will I be contributing to the project? Not quite sure yet – though I am open to anything that comes my way and have this year produced a number of video tutorials on getting started with Apache Flex, IntelliJ IDEA, Starling, Feathers, and more. Was happy to hear also that Ben Forta called out this series a few months back!


So if interested in how you can use Flex with IntelliJ – check out the tutorials:

Also be sure to visit the Apache Flex website!

Speaking at Adobe MAX 2015

Adobe MAX October 3-7, 2015, Los Angeles, CA

Adobe has announced the initial set of speakers for MAX 2015 and I am happily involved with both a session and a lab! While I have spoken at a number of past MAX sessions, I have never done a lab before – so this is something I am very excited about.

So what are my sessions about? ADOBE FLASH PROFESSIONAL CC is what!


Last year I took a break from MAX… having been present at every MAX since 2008, I was okay with this. This year I return refreshed and energized – I’m pumped on Flash! The amount of enhancements in creative tooling and extended platform support in Flash Professional really has me positive around the tool and associated platforms. I have been saying this since late last year and 2015 continues to be a great year for Flash!

Have a look at all the MAX sessions for 2015… be sure to register for mine… and by all means – say hello :)


S4556 – Giving Flash Professional Another Look
Joseph Labrecque – Senior Interactive Software Engineer, University of Denver

See how Flash Professional CC lets you create assets and animations for virtually any use case, device, browser or platform. Too often, users confuse the Flash Professional application with the Flash runtimes and believe they can target only certain browsers and devices with their content. Not so! Adobe has been enhancing the creative toolset within Flash Professional while building support for custom platforms. Get current with the modern, creative capabilities of this amazing tool.

This session will explore:

  • An overview of the latest features
  • Hidden techniques for creating assets and animations
  • How to easily apply your creativity across any screen

L4555 – Unleashing the Creative Power of Flash Professional CC
Joseph Labrecque – Senior Interactive Software Engineer, University of Denver

Need to get up to speed on the tooling in Flash Professional CC for your client and creative work? Maybe you need to target the web, iOS and Android devices, HD video and print. Great news: Flash Professional CC has been enhanced to expand upon the traditional Flash runtime targets and reach the native web through HTML5 Canvas and WebGL (and more) to help all types of use cases for desktop, mobile and beyond.

During this lab, you’ll learn:

  • The new creative Flash Professional CC tooling
  • How that tooling fits in the workflow industry professionals have come to rely upon when creating assets and animation for television, games, the web and more
  • How to generate assets in Flash Professional and reuse them across a variety of creative projects and platforms

Adobe EdEx Group: Flash Exchange!


Flash Exchange is a group for discussion and resource sharing around the Adobe Flash Platform with a focus on education and educators.

All Flash-related content and interest is welcome: Flash Professional CC, Flash Player, AIR, HTML5 Canvas and WebGL, animation, creative tooling, Adobe Connect, Adobe Media Server, ActionScript, JavaScript, Flex, Starling, Feathers, Away3D, mobile development, apps, games, video streaming, et cetera…



More about the Adobe Education Exchange:
The Adobe Education Exchange is your online hub to help ignite creativity in your classroom. With instructional resources, professional development, and peer-to-peer collaboration, you’ll find the support you need here.

Creative Cloud Event Denver 2014 – RECAP!


On July 10th, 2014 – I had the pleasure of presenting alongside fellow Denverite Paul Trani for the Denver Creative Cloud Event. Thanks to all who came out to learn about much of what is new in Creative Cloud! It might be surprising to some, but in the 3 hours given, we were barely able to scratch the surface of everything that is new in this 2014 milestone.

We had a full house at the venue – and below are a few photos of the event and its aftermath.

The Create Now 2014 Denver crowd!
The Create Now 2014 Denver crowd!
Preparing for the presentations! (photo by Leslie Labrecque)
Preparing for the presentations! (photo by Leslie Labrecque)
A celebratory absinthe!
A celebratory absinthe!

Have photos from the event? Please share in the comments!