Mobile Development with Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5: Learn by Video

This publication is a set of DVDs (7 hours, 20 minutes) along with a 48 page book covering mobile application development using Flash Builder 4.5 and Flash Professional CS5.5 targeting both Apple iOS and Google Android. I had the opportunity to co-author this title along with the excellent Peter Elst earlier this year. Happy that it is finally available!

Mobile Development with Flash Professional CS5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5: Learn by Video
Create Android and iOS Applications with the Flash Platform

Authors: video2brain, Peter Elst, Joseph Labrecque
Publisher: Peachpit / Adobe Press (September, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0321788109
ISBN-13: 978-0321788108
Pages: 48
Hours: 7.20

In this in-depth course you’ll learn everything you need to know to start developing for mobile and devices on Android and iOS using Flash Platform technology. Top Flash Platform experts Peter Elst and Joseph Labrecque will walk you through the entire workflow from application setup to development and deployment, covering best practices for mobile development and how to debug the applications you create on the desktop or on a device. Along the way you’ll learn how to work with gestures, touch events, hardware APIs, data, multimedia features, and much more. After completing this course you’ll be well on your way to making your mobile projects a reality.

The following videos are FREE:

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Available Now!: Flash Development for Android Cookbook

I’m thrilled to announce that my Flash Development for Android Cookbook is now available to purchase in print and digital formats!

The book contains 372 pages of useful information and solid recipes for developing killer Android applications using Flash Platform technology.

The Flash Development for Android Cookbook enables Flash developers to branch out into Android mobile applications through a set of essential, easily demonstrable recipes. It takes you through the entire development workflow: from setting up a local development environment, to developing and testing your application, to compiling for distribution to the ever-growing Android Market.

There a a number of people I’d like to call attention to and thank for helping make this book a reality:

  • Scott Janousek: for providing an excellent forward to the book.
  • Fabio Biondi, Sean Moore, and Leonardo Risuleo: for lending a careful set of eyes as technical reviewers.
  • Wilson D’souza: for his expert editorial help through the entire process.
  • Thanks also to my friends in the Adobe Community Professional, Adobe Education Leader, and wider Flash Platform and mobile development communities!!!

Lastly, special thanks to my wife Leslie Labrecque for putting up with me and these many varied projects… ;)

Please spread the word, buy the book, and drop me a note if it was useful!

Flash Development for Android Cookbook: RAW

My book just became available for preorder over at the Packt Publishing website. Not only can you preorder “Flash Development for Android Cookbook“, but it is also being included in the RAW program. This means that even though the book is not yet finished (still in draft stage, really) you can preorder the eBook or the print book and access the draft chapters online before the book is truly published!

For those wondering about the content, whether it leans more toward Flex or pure ActionScript; while there is a bit of Flex sprinkled throughout a few of the chapters, the code examples are almost always written in nothing but pure AS3 to allow anyone using any framework and toolset to implement the recipes easily. Full AS3 class downloads will be available through the Packt website.

As for the current status of the book, I’m putting the finishing touches on my Chapter 10 draft in the next few days. After that, one chapter left to write. The book is currently being tech reviewed and I’ll have to make more modifications based on that and other feedback.

See- it really is RAW right now! I’m not even sure if the publisher has properly typeset the chapters that are available.

So please spread the word, and place a preorder :)

UPDATE: I’ve heard that even though the publish date is marked as September, this was an original projection and the true print date is more likely May or June.

Something New – I’m Writing a Book!

Author Contract

About a month ago, a representative from Packt Publishing contacted me to gauge my interest in writing a book on the Adobe Flash Platform and Android operating system. After speaking with her and nailing things down with the assistance of Acquisition Editor Wilson D’souza, a contract was put together and I’m now well into writing the first chapter.

The book itself will be in the form of a cookbook with a variety of recipes concerning both Flash Professional and Flash Builder projects, Adobe AIR and Flash Player for Android. I fortunately have excellent connections in this area and one of my goals is to make sure that, upon publication, the book is as up to date as possible in regard to tooling and runtimes. I’ve been knee-deep in AIR for Android since the early pre-release days when we were all compiling .apk files through CLI; warms my heart that I’ll be able to put all of this to good use!

As a result of this project, which will take me well into the Summer of 2011, I’ll be placing some other projects on a slow simmer. I have always gotten a great amount of use from the cookbooks I own and am quite pleased to offer my contribution to this excellent format.

I beg my friends and family to have a little more patience with me over the next 6-8 months :)

A little about Packt:

Packt is a modern publishing company, producing cutting-edge books and eBooks for communities of developers, administrators, and newbies alike. Packt, pronounced Packed, published its first book “Mastering phpMyAdmin for Effective MySQL Management” in April 2004 and has continued to produce highly specialized books on understanding and applying IT technologies.