Beginning Adobe Animate CC: Learn to Efficiently Create and Deploy Animated and Interactive Content

The new Animate CC book by Tom Green and myself has just been published by Apress!

Beginning Adobe Animate CC: Learn to Efficiently Create and Deploy Animated and Interactive Content

Use solid and practical exercises to master the fundamentals of Adobe Animate CC. This is one of the first comprehensive books on Adobe Animate CC to thoroughly examine and demonstrate how to create and deploy interactive and motion design content to mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.

Using a series of carefully developed tutorials, Beginning Adobe Animate CC will lead you from basic Animate CC document workflows to the point where you can create animations, interactive projects, and anything else using a variety of techniques. Each chapter focuses on a major aspect of Animate CC and then lets you take over with a series of “Your Turn” exercises that let you create amazing projects based on what you have learned.

Beginning Adobe Animate CC focuses on the core skill set needed to master Animate CC and while you are at it, you will be guided to the mastery of the fundamentals, such as drawing tools, movie clips, video and audio content, text, graphics, external data, components, and a solid overview of the code you need to know to take your skills to the next level.

Grab a copy from Amazon if so inclined:

Learn Adobe Animate CC for Interactive Media

My new book with Peachpit and Adobe Press, Learn Adobe Animate CC for Interactive Media, is now available from the publisher and also retailers like and physical bookstores. I received author copies the other day and am so pleased with how it came out. The materials and layout just scream quality!


The book itself provides a solid overview on Animate CC with the focus on preparing the reader for the Adobe Certified Associate certification exam for interactive media. We cover everything across 6 main projects while using the new features of Animate CC like Vector Art Brushes, fully scaleable video output, HTML5 Canvas improvements, and more… alongside all the time tested tools and functionality that makes this program great.


There are a couple of things that make this book quite unique:

  • This is the first book published on Adobe Animate CC and covers many of the new features now available.
  • In addition to the book, you get access to a fully developed web experience with additional features like quizzes and such.
  • You aren’t getting just the physical book and the online experience – each project also has a video component – adding up to over 6 hours of video content as well!

You can now find the book for purchase at Adobe Press, Peachpit,, and other fine retailers.

Packt Celebrates 10 Years

With Packt Publishing celebrating 10 years of delivering effective learning and information services to IT professionals… they are offering most digital copies of the books they publish for only $10 USD!

This offer is valid until July 5th if anyone wants to take advantage. They have a pretty huge library of titles to choose from… I highlight my books below – but they have quite a few authored by others in the community as well.

Flash Development for Android Cookbook

1420EXP_Flash CS5 Android Development CookbookThe Flash Development for Android Cookbook enables Flash developers to branch out into Android mobile applications through a set of essential, easily demonstrable recipes. It takes you through the entire development workflow: from setting up a local development environment, to developing and testing your application, to compiling for distribution to the ever-growing Android Market.

Learning Adobe Edge Animate

2427EXP_MockupCover_0Learning Adobe Edge Animate will detail how to use this professional authoring software to create highly engaging content which targets HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Content created in Adobe Edge Animate does not rely on a plugin – so it can be run within any standard browser– even on mobile.

Adobe Edge Quickstart Guide

3301EXP_Adobe Edge Mini BookWhether you are coming to Edge from Flash Professional or are totally new to motion graphics on the web, Adobe Edge Quickstart Guide provides a solid foundation of motion and interactivity concepts and techniques along with a set of demo assets to build upon.

Absinthe Antiques: A collection from la Belle Époque

Absinthe AntiquesAbsinthe Antiques: A collection from la Belle Époque features pieces utilized in the preparation and serving of the famed spirit absinthe. These lovely antiques from the mid 1800s through the early 20th century evoke a time of beauty, art, new technologies and changing culture; the era known as France’s la Belle Époque. Spoons, glasses, carafes, pitchers, saucers, art …Lovers of absinthe, and antiques in general, will enjoy the beauty of these elegant survivors of time.

When I first laid my hands up on S. B. MacDonald’s Absinthe Antiques: A collection from la Belle Époque… I expected nice photographs… I expected a quick history of the spirit, absinthe, alongside a number of historical artifacts. What I didn’t expect was to gain access to such a great number of photographs comprising the wide diversity of absinthe-related objects that is to be discovered in this work.

The photographs themselves are spectacular – many composed in what appears to be either natural ambient light or directed candlelight… quite suited to the subjects presented. These subjects – these absinthe antiques – range from glasses, spoons, fountains, pitchers, carafes, postcards, sugar tongs, period photographs… the list is comprehensive in scope and the book itself is a treasure for the absintheur.

Alongside each photograph is a description of the piece and some relation to its place in the history of the spirit. Want to know what “choking a parrot” means? This book will surely enlighten you!

The format of this book is large - the beautiful photographs really do take center stage!
The format of this book is large – the beautiful photographs really do take center stage!

The book also does a fair bit toward transitioning the reader from la Belle Époque to the present day in the latter portions… binding the history of absinthe with the present resurgence is so very important.

Throughout this work – there is evident a great respect for traditions surrounding the spirit and a desire to honor and continue such traditions to this day. Whether employing true antiques or faithful reproductions in preparing the fine absinthes being produced in our current era… this book will instill a true sense of history and appreciation for both the absinthes of our glorious past and of her present and ongoing renewal. Especially so for this present day, in which lady absinthe dusts herself off from a century of imprisonment and neglect… now free to be enjoyed by the greater population once again.

Celebrate with me… have a fine absinthe today… santé!

Learn more about the book:

Discover absinthe at the Wormwood Society:

Review: PhoneGap 2.x Mobile Application Development Hotshot

8581OS_PhoneGap Cookbook_cov
I’ve been working a lot with PhoneGap lately for both personal projects and teaching. Because of this, I’ve taken some time to check out some of the newer books on the subject. The last book I’ve had a chance to look over is the PhoneGap 2.x Mobile Application Development Hotshot published by Packt (Packt being the publisher of my latest book as well – Learning Adobe Edge Animate).

The book itself is just under 400 pages and is structured in an interesting way because every chapter is a different PhoneGap project. These projects include some really great examples of localization, GPS and mapping, file system usage, media generation and consumtion, integration with social networks, even a chapter on using native components within PhoneGap.

One thing about this book is that it seems to be authored in a way where you would want some experience with PhoneGap first – as it is entirely project focused. I’d suggest pairing it with something like Matt Gifford’s PhoneGap Mobile Application Development Cookbook, or take Ryan Stewart’s excellent course: Up and Running with PhoneGap.