LAST CALL! Community Compilation CD Project

July 1st is almost upon us and that date marks the closing of submissions for the Community Compilation CD Project! If you want to get a track in… better do it ASAP! We already have an incredible turnout from the confirmed contributers but would not mind a few surprises, either.

Just so you all know- I’m holding myself to the deadline as well and my submission (above) just needs a few final tweaks before July 1st has come and gone…

I never expected anyone to go out of their way and create new material for the compilation and have been floored at the amount of work others are putting into their submissions. The community is truly awesome – the expression of this fact is really the point of the entire project. I thank all of you who have submitted material. Thank you.

After July 1st, I’ll go about arranging the tracks and doing what I can to create a cohesive compilation release. A final track listing will be published as soon as I determine how things should be arranged and I may be contacting individual contributors for more information, images, or anything else that is needed in the weeks ahead.

So what about the booklet and cover art? I’ve been in talks with someone from the Joomla! community who will be collaborating with me on the cover art. The booklet will be designed by myself and made available along with the final disk images.

Thank you again. Amazing response!

Music and Adobe Tech: CodeBass

Earlier this week I noticed a tweet from Charlie Griefer mentioning a new project called CodeBass having to do with music and Adobe technology. Thinking this sounded like a huge mesh point for the ongoing Community CD Project, I was pretty quick to check it out.

What a great idea and an excellent community resource! I immediately contacted Vicky Ryder and let her know about my efforts. She was kind enough to do a quick feature on the Community CD Project and I cannot thank her enough for getting that up so quickly seeing how the submission deadline of July 1st is fast approaching!

There are a few other articles up there as of this writing, including information about Jason Levine, Matt Gifford, and Matt Legrand; with a bunch of great stuff coming up!

I encourage everyone who has something to contribute to do so- even if it’s just adding a nice comment here and there or getting the word out about this effort. I pledge my support and hope to contribute in any way I can.

Community CD Project Submissions: 20 Days Left!

Just a reminder that interested members of the community have 20 days left to submit tracks toward the Community CD Project!

You can learn more about this from my initial call for submissions and view a list of confirmed contributors and additional information at the project page.

If anyone who manages or interfaces with the various developer and designer communities out there comes across this post- please let your community members know as there are a few slots left!

An Early Morning Letter, Displaced: Shudderflowers

Shudderflowers official release date is set for September 22nd, 2009. It may or may not be available to purchase from various retailers at that time, but here are a few you can try, after the date has passed: iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and eventually Verizon, Zune, Napster, and the rest…

An Early Morning Letter, Displaced: Shudderflowers


2009 Fractured Vision Media

Shudderflowers reflects upon themes of fervent self-destruction and the fragility of the female mind. Tortured soundscapes pierced with the bones of shattered dreams. A nightmare concert filled with the anguished cries of broken children, delivered with a sweeping stiletto… and a whisper.

  1. Shudderflowers
  2. I Am Consumed
  3. Fever-Drenched and Burning
  4. Fearless
  5. Waning Flower
  6. Searching, Lost
  7. Beneath White Stones
  8. A Cleansing of Bones
  9. Where Dead Girls Lie
  10. Alice (the bones)
  11. Drowning Past The Sky
  12. Threadbare
  13. Shudderflowers (reprise)

I want to note here a few interesting facts regarding this release:

  • This is the 4th formal album from An Early Morning Letter, Displaced.
  • This is the second full-length collection from that same body of work.
  • The synthesizer elements were all produced via software synths. My hardware synths were only used as MIDI controllers this time around.
  • As was the case for the previous release, samples were taken from violin and processed into the mix. No guitar, this time.
  • A reworked version of the unreleased track She’s Fallen (2001) almost made it onto the release. It ended up going in the wrong direction and was abandoned.
  • The track Threadbare is originally from the abandoned Stillborn release from 2003/2004.
  • Fever-Drenched and Burning was actually composed and recorded last Winter when I was suffering from intense fever!
  • The beginnings of many of the lyrics for this release were composed stream-of-consciousness on Twitter.
  • An alternate version of Fearless can be found as soundtrack to the short film “The Fearless Man” 2007
  • This is the first release which contains vocal material that is not solely produced by myself. Alice (the bones) and Beneath White Stones feature the additional vocals of two girls, respectively; one living, one dead†. The dead girl’s voice having been recovered from an old telephone answering machine.
  • Alice (the bones) also contains samples from various sources, including the Švankmajer film “Alice”.
  • The original (long) verison of Alice (the bones) was written as background noise to a Hallowe’en party.
  • The cover art is adapted from a painting I completed in 2004 titled “Neck Zipper” and inspired by a sweater my girlfriend (now, wife) was fond of wearing:
    Neck Zipper
  • This may be the last physical release I produce. Sales of A Prison of Oneself were okay, but (if the numbers are any indication $$$) people seem much more interested in digital distribution… and it is certainly less of a headache for me.
  • I may try something new after this. I have an additional project called Strangling Strangers that I might start working on again. Its a lot less ambient… more coarse and noise-based.
  • Samples from this, and all An Early Morning Letter, Displaced releases can be found at the Myspace Music page.

Shudderflowers: I Am Consumed

In anticipation of Shudderflowers, An Early Morning Letter, Displaced now presents the third in a series of new tracks on MySpace Music:

I Am Consumed falls at track #2 on the new release and represents somewhat of a departure in style.

I Am Consumed
this fear consumes me
memories of long forgotten corpses
their silver blood falls to the leaves
“would my lips give you any comfort? at such a time of peril?”

consume my flesh
consume my fear
consume the desire that still burns
and extinguish my life

This fear consumes me
memories of long forgotten nights
and the petals now fallen to the earth
and the precious, still moments that will never be.

Shudderflowers Design

Shudderflowers is scheduled for release this month through Fractured Vision Media.