An Early Morning Letter, Displaced is proud to announce that the new collection of work in progress will be titled “Shudderflowers”. A number of interesting titles were candidates before this one and the decision to finalize a name is not taken lightly.

Shudderflowers revolves around themes of fervent self-destruction and the fragility of the female mind. Interested in having a listen? Demo material has been uploaded to MySpace Music and Facebook.

Cover art is absolutely temporary.

Shudderflowers [TEMPORARY]

Current Track Titles:

  • Fever-Drenched and Burning
  • Beneath White Stones
  • Fearless
  • Alice (the bones)
  • Waning Flower
  • Drowning Past the Sky

Experimenting with Twitter, Again

The last time I messed around with Twitter was mid-2007. I basically used it to post little status updates a-la Facebook and experimented with the (then) newly released ActionScript 3 API. About a month into it, I got tired, deleted my account, and haven’t touched it since.

Now, all of a sudden, the US media is talking about Twitter as if it was some grand, new technology. They are, in general, freaking out about it. This gave me the idea last night to begin subverting the service in some experimental way. A person is supposed to use it to provide updates and communications to their “followers”. I’m gonna use it to generate small bits of stream-of-consciousness poetry which will most likely have no direct communicable affect.

There’s a new page on this site called “Twitter Poetry” where you can access this stuff directly, if you so wish.

On a related note, I’ve got about 30 minutes of material recorded for a new An early morning letter, displaced release. I don’t write nearly as much poetry as I used to which is pretty bad since that is actually the origin of the project. I’m hoping this Twitter experiment will give a little more energy to that area.

FREE Track: “Alice”

AliceNow that Halloween is over, I’d like to make this information more widely available:

AN EARLY MORNING LETTER, DISPLACED presents ‘Alice‘ – a free download made especially for Hallowe’en. This composition, nearly 8 minutes in length, is partially inspired by the Švankmajer film from which many of the incidental noises have been sampled. Both atmospheric drama and musical arrangement, there is a story to tell here…

Do as you will.

A Prison of Oneself – Now Available!

Fractured Vision Media is pleased to present A Prison of Oneself, the new collection of recordings from studio recording artist An early morning letter, displaced. The recordings on ‘Prison’ span almost four years of wavering activity and countless personal setbacks.

“A Prison of Oneself” is a dense collection of work recorded over the course of four years. Dark and crushing. Ambient textures interlaced with swelling, almost violent extremes. Edgy soundscapes filled with hope, despair, and a persistent, uneasy current reflective of the mind’s inner hell.