CodeBass Radio: Runtime Expectations Interview with Joseph Labrecque

Adrian Pomilio interviews Joseph Labrecque at 360|Flex in Denver, CO – April 2011.

I was interviewed for the Runtime Expectations internet radio show while at 360|Flex in Denver. It was great chatting with Adrian and we touched upon many subjects over the course of the interview. Some of the topics discussed during the interview include: music composition, book and tutorial authoring, the AEL and ACP programs with Adobe, mobile development, teaching technical subjects, and the sad state of tech journalism.

I encourage anyone interested to  check out the other interviews from 360|Flex including John Wilker, the Nielsen Company, and Mollie Rusher of On3!

What is Runtime Expectations?
Join Ben Farrell, Adrian Pomilio, and Bucky Schwarz as they broadcast live from Cuban Revolution in downtown Durham, NC with a beer in one hand and a mic in the other.  They’ll be covering all the aspects of software development that compel them to put a beer in that first hand. Shows feature both live guests and call-ins.

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6Threads – Coming Soon!

Having just completed the master for the upcoming An Early Morning Letter, Displaced release; 6Threads, I’d like to make a formal announcement here along with some words about this collection of work.

Track listing:

  1. To Lead You Down
  2. Strangling Strangers
  3. Atrophy
  4. (still) So Crushed
  5. Alice
  6. If Only

6Threads is the first EP release from An Early Morning Letter, Displaced since 2002. I remember when I completed the August EP in 2000, how relieved I was that it was over and could not imagine the work it would take to complete a full length album. Over a decade later, we have two LP releases and will soon have three EPs along with involvement in a number of compilations, remixes, and covers.

A short-play disc allows a bit of a breather in between full collections. I didn’t want to go 2 to 3 years (again) until a new album after Shudderflowers, but still needed to have a time for recollection and the formation of new ideas. This compact format allows me both.

6Threads runs a little over half an hour and contains a balanced sampling of work that spans the history of An Early Morning Letter, Displaced from our beginnings in 1999 to the present day:

Spanning over a decade of work within the space of a six track EP; 6Threads includes three entirely new recordings which continue to showcase An Early Morning Letter, Displaced as a luminary of powerful, impassioned music. Alongside these new tracks are alternate versions of “So Crushed” from A Prison of Oneself and the original (long) version of “Alice” from Shudderflowers. Rounding out the album is one of the earliest recordings from An Early Morning Letter, Displaced – “If Only”, an unpublished piece from 1999.

The version of “So Crushed” on this release is a remastered version of the original recording with an alternate sound bed and new vocals. “Alice” is the original, longer version with extended ambient and incidental sequences. “Strangling Strangers” was (in it’s original form) part of the Strangling Strangers project before it was dissolved and a nearly identical version is included on the community compilation, Emergent Collective One. “To Lead You Down” is the opening track and embodies the spirit of this collection, while “Atrophy” is a return to to style closer to the recordings on A Prison of Oneself and even Through Darkened Eyes.

This is a digital-only release – I’m afraid the physical compact disc is all but dead.

Articles of Note! August 2010

I’d like to take some time as this month comes to a close to highlight some articles and posts that have featured my personal involvement with ‘An Early Morning Letter, Displaced‘, Emergent Collective One, or both:

Joseph Labrecque
August 20th –

360Flex – An awesome night of nerd made music!! 360Flexapalooza!
August 18th – 360|Flex

DU programmer moonlights as electronic musician
July 16th – DU Today

Also, it’s been almost a month since Emergent Collective One was released. Here are some posts about the collection:

“Emergent Collective One” – Now Available

Emergent Collective One

Formally known as the “community compilation CD project”, Emergent Collective One is now available for download. As detailed in the original call for submissions, this is a community effort and is quite free for those who wish to acquire a copy. Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license; you may download, distribute, and make as many copies of these materials as you like, so long as you perform no modifications and retain attribution to the artists involved.

A few extra notes…

  • Something you’ll notice immediately when visiting the website, is that you can view the entire booklet online as an interactive SWF. I did all the layout for the PDF version of the booklet using Adobe InDesign CS5 and it was quite simple to perform an additional export to Flash like this. Pull or click the upper corners to flip through the booklet.
  • I recommend burning a copy of the release to CDR. If you’ve never had to burn a CDDA disc image before, they are distributed as a set of files (primarily BIN/CUE) which retains all track data, CD-TEXT, ISRC codes and so forth. Lots of applications can be used to burn this to CDR. I recommend ImgBurn for Windows users.
  • You can download a collection of 320kbps MP3 files as well as the CDDA image.  The MP3 files heard through the web player are only 128kbps…
  • The iWebTunes web player is based on the Open Source Media Framework and was authored by Lee Fernandes (also a contributor).
  • Printable CD cover and tray inlay artwork is included in each download as high resolution TIF.
  • The cover image is adapted from a piece of scrap-art assembled by my wife, Leslie who is also involved in the wide community of Joomla!/PHP.
  • The generative thread art contained in the booklet was created using the HYPE Framework which is just so much fun to play with.
  • I cannot thank our contributors enough.  Without your submissions we would have nothing.  Now that we have a finished collection on hand, I really cannot see how any one of these tracks could *not* be included. Awesome work, all around. I am thrilled with what has emerged!

Lastly, thanks to everyone who supported this effort – please continue to spread the word and support your fellow community members!