Adobe Education Leaders – Summit 2016


It’s that time of year again – July means another AEL Summit is upon us. This year, we’ll be meeting in New York City for the North American summit and I’m really looking forward to connecting with other AELs and members of the Adobe Education team! I’m able to give a short talk this year as well – which should be very interesting considering the past 5 years or so…

Surviving Industry Disruption in Higher Education

Joseph Labrecque

This talk will explore how industry upheaval can affect institutional teaching and learning systems which make use of technology for media delivery and student interaction. With the tsunami of change introduced by mobile devices, adaptations in streaming technology, preferred file formats, and delivery platforms – there is a lot at stake when considering how systems must adapt to these changes to remain useful and beneficial. How is it possible to not only survive such monumental disruption – but even excel at adapting to the new order… while carefully weaving previous workflows, technologies, and standards into a changed world?

Call-To-Action: Embrace change without killing the past

It’s been a very busy year for me – and the Summer months are no exception to this. I’m hopeful that this summit will also provide some refreshment and additional energy to help me along, as it always seems to do!

Those interested in following along with the AEL Summit this year can keep an eye on #AEL16.

Recap of the Adobe Education Leader Institute 2014

Not long ago, I made my way back out to San Jose, California to attend what I believe would be my 6th annual Adobe Education Leader Institute. They have held the institute for years before that but no one involved in higher education was at that time a part of the program – at least not formally.

This is an event I look forward to every year. Not just because I get to visit Adobe HQ and learn a bunch of cool stuff from Adobe executives, product managers, the Adobe education team, and other AELs… but also because I get to hang out with these people and really hash things out, non-stop, no-holds-barred, for the duration of the conference. It’s an amazingly tiring yet simultaneously energizing experience.

A lot of future projects and collaborative efforts are seeded at this conference. I was even able to drag a bunch of AELs and Adobians down to a shadowy bar for late-night absinthes… so these people really are all-right ;)

Conference Overview Video

Here follows a video recorded during the event in which a number of AELs and Adobe EDU team members share insights on the conference, the AEL program, and what it means to stand for creativity in education.

AEL Institute 2014 from CreateEDU TV on Vimeo.

Flash Runtimes Panel

As mentioned in another post, I organized a panel at the conference around the Adobe Flash Runtimes. The primary point I want to spread throughout the general community and within Adobe itself is very simple. Great work still happens around the runtimes and no one should be dismissive of either their potential or application in the world today.

Aside from the perspectives that Andy and I provided as part of our real-world experiences at large institutions – Chris had some nice insights into how things are seen at Adobe and where the stats lie : 95% Flash Player penetration, full, quarterly releases, and 1.8 billion app installs is nothing to sneeze at or dismiss lightly.

Having a proposal like this accepted by Adobe, at Adobe HQ, by a large section of Adobe (education) which is under their enterprise area is also significant. As many have commented – there is a sort of rift within when it comes to the runtimes.

Aside from this presentation, I was able to speak with Chris for a few hours (thank you for your time, Chris!) and also the PM for Connect on a separate occasion. I get the very strong impression that Adobe is committed to the runtimes despite shifting roles.

When considering major investments like Connect or Primetime – these significant money-makers rely upon Flash. Besides which, they are very aware that it would be a terrible thing to “break the internet” and that Adobe (whether they like it or not) have a responsibility to ensure the future of the runtimes through platform support, security patches, and bug fixes at the very least.

Of course, we know that Chris and his team go far beyond this to provide support for new platforms like Intel on Android and new functionality such as AGAL2. So, while development is scaled down from the days when Adobe was all about Flash – the runtimes are nowhere near “maintenance mode”.

Hopefully this presentation and the retention of this set of artifacts within Adobe’s structure will help bring a little more positivism and awareness to the story. All I’m asking is that Flash is recognized for what it has done and for what it continues to do for the web and beyond. No one should be dismissive about these things – no one.


Always an adventure… and no one was hurt! Thank you to the Adobe EDU team and thank you to my fellow AELs for the great discussions and sharing over theses past couple of days. Let’s do it again in 2015 ;)

Adobe Education Leader for 2012/2013

Happy to report that I received word this morning of my acceptance as an Adobe Education Leader (higher education) for a new two-year term!

For those unaware of the program:

The Adobe Education Leaders Program highlights the contributions of innovative educators in higher ed and K–12 who are effectively using Adobe tools and applications to promote excellence in the classroom.

Adobe Education Leaders are dedicated to enhancing creativity and collaboration and improving the teaching and learning experience. They share their expertise through workshops and conferences and help develop standards-based curriculums that are used worldwide. As Adobe updates it products and develops new ones, Education Leaders provide valuable input through beta programs and focus groups.

AELs serve for two-year periods, following which – they must reapply for a new term. I have been an AEL since Adobe expanded the program to higher education 3 years ago. I’m pleased and honored to be able to serve in this role for the next two years.

“Winter Fun with Adobe CS5 Tools” Recording

This session was given to the Adobe Education Community on December 2nd, 2010

Join Joseph Labrecque [Adobe Education Leader, Higher Ed] from the University of Denver as he provides a session demonstrating the uniquely portable nature of the Adobe CS5 toolchain originating in Illustrator and branching out to Photoshop, InDesign, and finally Flash Catalyst. See how you can easily take some Winter scene assets and use them across Adobe tools to create a printed postcard, interactive flip-page greeting, or animated snowscape all using the same asset pool!

Download the starter assets!

My Adobe MAX 2010 Agenda

Here follows my planned schedule for Adobe MAX 2010! Promises to be an excellent series of events. If you cannot make it to MAX this year, the keynotes will be streamed live and recordings of all sessions will be viewable on demand after the events.

Note that I’ll also be covering the conference for ActiveTuts+ via Twitter during the entire conference.

*my sessions :)


6:30 – Adobe Education Welcome Reception for the Adobe Education Summit and Adobe Design Achievement Awards


8:30 – MAX EDU: Education Summit at MAX Welcome
9:00 – MAX EDU: The Adobe Experience
9:45 – MAX EDU: Industry Collaboration Masters Degree with the BBC
10:45 – MAX EDU: Adobe Curriculum, Certification, and Professional Development Resources
11:15 – MAX EDU: Rich Media Experiences with Adobe Tools
12:15 – MAX EDU: Panel Discussion: Research Projects Leveraging Adobe Technologies in University Programs
1:00 – MAX EDU: ROME Technology on Campus
1:35 – MAX EDU: Open Source Media Framework for Education*
2:20 – MAX EDU: RIAs that Keep Students Engaged
2:55 – MAX EDU: Visual Effects Training at USC School of Cinematic Arts
3:40 – MAX EDU: Adobe tools in the Humber College Film and TV Program
4:15 – MAX EDU: A shortcut to amazing animations across multiple devices with Flash CS5
4:50 – MAX EDU: InterACT with the Flash Platform!
7:00 – MAX EDU: 10th Annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards Ceremony
9:00 – MAX EDU: Adobe Design Achievement Awards Gallery Opening and Reception


9:30 – MAX GENERAL: Welcome to the Revolution
2:00 – MAX: Optimizing Flash Player Compatible Content for Mobile Devices
3:00 – FITC: Comparing Web Video Technologies, from Flash to HTML5 to Silverlight
3:30 – MAX: Flash Sneak Peek: A Glimpse at the Future
4:00 – FITC: Pushing Pixels: Blitting on Desktop, Web & Mobile
5:00 – MAX: Fusing Art and Technology with Flash Professional CS5
8:00 – MAX GENERAL: Meet the Teams


8:30 – MAX: Flash, Flex, HTML5: Ouch, My Head Hurts!
10:00 – MAX GENERAL: User Experience: The Next Generation
12:30 – FITC: Developing AIR for Android using Flash CS5
1:00 – FITC: Flash, Android and Real-Time Geospatial Tracking
1:30 – FITC: Going Native In air 2.0
2:00 – FITC: “Emergent Collective One” – All the Little Pieces…*
2:30 – FITC: 3D Flash Gaming on TV
3:30 – MAX: Robust Video Player Development with Open Source Media
4:30 – FITC: Air Wolf
6:00 – MAX GENERAL: MAX Sneaks
8:00 – MAX GENERAL: MAX Bash


8:00 – MAX: Roadmap: Flash Platform Runtimes
9:30 – MAX: MAX UnAwards widget uncovered: developing personalized video
apps on the web
11:00 – MAX: Progressing beyond the Desktop at Universities with Adobe AIR*
12:00 – FITC: The Lazy Programmer (and Phillip Puzzle Page CS5 drawing)
1:30 – MAX: Developing Your First AIR for TV Application

This in no way accounts for any other morning or evening events I’ll be attending during MAX 2010… but the majority of sessions and such I plan to attend are listed. Making it easy for people to track me down – get in touch!