“Emergent Collective One” – All the Little Pieces…

Here is a collection of recordings, slides, and so forth from my FITC Unconference at Adobe MAX presentation. My Education Summit and MAX session assets will be posted later as they all become available.

Joseph Labrecque, FITC Unconference at Adobe MAX 2010 - photo by Vicky Ryder

Time: 2:00 PM
Date: Tuesday October 26
Room: FITC Unconference Room at Adobe MAX 2010

Have you heard about Emergent Collective One? The free community compilation CD release full of music composed and produced by developers? We’ll dig into the nitty-gritty of conceiving, promoting, collecting, preparing, and distributing this community showcase piece.

Learn how Adobe tools such as Flash Professional CS5, Photoshop CS5, InDesign CS5, and the HYPE framework play a critical role in producing materials supporting the collection. Discover how every download and playback is tracked through both HTML and Flash using Google Analytics Event Tracking. Become engaged and perhaps conceive of a unique community effort of your own!

Announcing My Adobe MAX 2010 Session Giveaways!

“Emergent Collective One” – All the Little Pieces…
Tuesday, October 26th 2:00pm – FITC Unconference Room
I’ll be giving away a copy of Adobe® Soundbooth® CS5 – also copies of FVM releases and stickers!

Progressing beyond the Desktop at Universities with Adobe AIR
Wednesday, October, 27th 11:00am – LACC 514
I’ll be giving away a copy of Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5 – also copies of FVM releases and stickers!

So how will this work? Bring business cards! I’ll collect them at the end of every session and distrubute the giveaways in that fashion. Don’t have printed cards? No problem- just write your contact details on a slip of paper. Software will be distributed electronically in the weeks following MAX.

No giveaways are planned for my session, Open Source Media Framework for Education, at the Adobe Education Summit… but I will have stickers.

Special thanks to Adobe for providing the software giveaways for both of these sessions!

Note that I’ll also be covering the conference for ActiveTuts+ via Twitter during the entire conference.

My Adobe MAX 2010 Agenda

Here follows my planned schedule for Adobe MAX 2010! Promises to be an excellent series of events. If you cannot make it to MAX this year, the keynotes will be streamed live and recordings of all sessions will be viewable on demand after the events.

Note that I’ll also be covering the conference for ActiveTuts+ via Twitter during the entire conference.

*my sessions :)


6:30 – Adobe Education Welcome Reception for the Adobe Education Summit and Adobe Design Achievement Awards


8:30 – MAX EDU: Education Summit at MAX Welcome
9:00 – MAX EDU: The Adobe Experience
9:45 – MAX EDU: Industry Collaboration Masters Degree with the BBC
10:45 – MAX EDU: Adobe Curriculum, Certification, and Professional Development Resources
11:15 – MAX EDU: Rich Media Experiences with Adobe Tools
12:15 – MAX EDU: Panel Discussion: Research Projects Leveraging Adobe Technologies in University Programs
1:00 – MAX EDU: ROME Technology on Campus
1:35 – MAX EDU: Open Source Media Framework for Education*
2:20 – MAX EDU: RIAs that Keep Students Engaged
2:55 – MAX EDU: Visual Effects Training at USC School of Cinematic Arts
3:40 – MAX EDU: Adobe tools in the Humber College Film and TV Program
4:15 – MAX EDU: A shortcut to amazing animations across multiple devices with Flash CS5
4:50 – MAX EDU: InterACT with the Flash Platform!
7:00 – MAX EDU: 10th Annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards Ceremony
9:00 – MAX EDU: Adobe Design Achievement Awards Gallery Opening and Reception


9:30 – MAX GENERAL: Welcome to the Revolution
2:00 – MAX: Optimizing Flash Player Compatible Content for Mobile Devices
3:00 – FITC: Comparing Web Video Technologies, from Flash to HTML5 to Silverlight
3:30 – MAX: Flash Sneak Peek: A Glimpse at the Future
4:00 – FITC: Pushing Pixels: Blitting on Desktop, Web & Mobile
5:00 – MAX: Fusing Art and Technology with Flash Professional CS5
8:00 – MAX GENERAL: Meet the Teams


8:30 – MAX: Flash, Flex, HTML5: Ouch, My Head Hurts!
10:00 – MAX GENERAL: User Experience: The Next Generation
12:30 – FITC: Developing AIR for Android using Flash CS5
1:00 – FITC: Flash, Android and Real-Time Geospatial Tracking
1:30 – FITC: Going Native In air 2.0
2:00 – FITC: “Emergent Collective One” – All the Little Pieces…*
2:30 – FITC: 3D Flash Gaming on TV
3:30 – MAX: Robust Video Player Development with Open Source Media
4:30 – FITC: Air Wolf
6:00 – MAX GENERAL: MAX Sneaks
8:00 – MAX GENERAL: MAX Bash


8:00 – MAX: Roadmap: Flash Platform Runtimes
9:30 – MAX: MAX UnAwards widget uncovered: developing personalized video
apps on the web
11:00 – MAX: Progressing beyond the Desktop at Universities with Adobe AIR*
12:00 – FITC: The Lazy Programmer (and Phillip Puzzle Page CS5 drawing)
1:30 – MAX: Developing Your First AIR for TV Application

This in no way accounts for any other morning or evening events I’ll be attending during MAX 2010… but the majority of sessions and such I plan to attend are listed. Making it easy for people to track me down – get in touch!