Packt Celebrates 10 Years

With Packt Publishing celebrating 10 years of delivering effective learning and information services to IT professionals… they are offering most digital copies of the books they publish for only $10 USD!

This offer is valid until July 5th if anyone wants to take advantage. They have a pretty huge library of titles to choose from… I highlight my books below – but they have quite a few authored by others in the community as well.

Flash Development for Android Cookbook

1420EXP_Flash CS5 Android Development CookbookThe Flash Development for Android Cookbook enables Flash developers to branch out into Android mobile applications through a set of essential, easily demonstrable recipes. It takes you through the entire development workflow: from setting up a local development environment, to developing and testing your application, to compiling for distribution to the ever-growing Android Market.

Learning Adobe Edge Animate

2427EXP_MockupCover_0Learning Adobe Edge Animate will detail how to use this professional authoring software to create highly engaging content which targets HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Content created in Adobe Edge Animate does not rely on a plugin – so it can be run within any standard browser– even on mobile.

Adobe Edge Quickstart Guide

3301EXP_Adobe Edge Mini BookWhether you are coming to Edge from Flash Professional or are totally new to motion graphics on the web, Adobe Edge Quickstart Guide provides a solid foundation of motion and interactivity concepts and techniques along with a set of demo assets to build upon.

Free Starling and Feathers Tutorial Videos

These tutorials are single movies from Building a Mobile App with Feathers and Starling by author Joseph Labrecque. The complete course is 2 hours and 1 minute and shows how to use the Feathers and Starling user interface frameworks along with Stage3D to build out mobile applications with Adobe AIR.

Feathers and Starling tutorial: What we will build |

This tutorial demonstrates the sample sketching application from the course Building a Mobile App with Feathers and Starling, on Also listed are prerequisites for the course, including familiarity with JavaScript and external frameworks. Watch more at…

Feathers and Starling tutorial: Implementing a theme |

By default, Feathers components for mobile applications don’t have a visual representation until you apply a theme. Find out how to import and apply a theme in this tutorial. Watch more at…

Feathers and Starling tutorial: Building the HomeScreen class |

In this tutorial, learn how to set up a mobile application home screen, complete with a scroll container and objects in the form of an image loader and a label. Watch more at…

Flash Platform Rundown – Week of October 20th, 2013

Feathers 1.2 BETA
This beta release includes a few new components, including Alert, Drawers, and LayoutGroup as well as many new minor features and a number of bug fixes. Read up on the details over at the Feathers discussion forum.

360|Flex 2014
After 360|Stack this past Summer, it seems there was enough interest in Flex voiced to warrent the return of 360|Flex… 360|Flex LIVES!!! Check out the website at to see what has been scheduled so far. Great to see 360|Flex back!

360|Stack Web Session: FlexJS
On Wednesday, October 23 – Alex Harui of Adobe and Apache Flex gave a great overview of the FlexJS project. Watch the entire recording and see this unique approach to building cross-platform Flex applications targeting both SWF and JS!

Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) Technology Center
Adobe has published a number of resources around HDS streaming at the new Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) Technology Center. Some of the resources include open HDS specification documents and open F4M specification documents. A great resource for those involved in streaming HTTP video with Flash Player and AIR.

10 Reasons why Flash Cannot Die
This recent article by Rob Ford over at FWA has caused a lot of discussion in the community. He details the loss of creative expression on the web today due to technology choices and a lack of courage in choosing the best technology platform when expressing creative ideas.

Some of the stronger statements include:

What is interesting is how we have dropped a technology that could pretty much do anything the mind could imagine, and this could be, and still is, deployed across desktops, and almost any browser, with ease and smoothness.

Creativity has been stifled and the lack of courage has become apparent.

I absolutely agree… and hope to see others become more vocal about the current situation.

Apache Flex Tour de Flex Mobile DEMO
George Yabra has built a Tour de Flex Mobile proof of concept app that features the new UI components and layouts from 4.10 and the upcoming 4.11. This is similar to the old app which was built by Adobe to showcase Adobe Flex – but has since been quite dormant. A great showcase piece for using Apache Flex on mobile!

RedTamarin needs your input
From Zwetan Kjukov: Even if you don’t subscribe to the RedTamarin community but could be even remotely interested by a project like RedTamarin – answering the following form could help a lot. Check out the form here!

Adobe and Apple and Flash Player
Adobe explains how they have worked with Apple to protect Safari users on OS X. With this week’s release of Safari in OS X Mavericks, Flash Player will now be protected by an OS X App Sandbox similar to Firefox, IE, and Chrome.

ActionScript Workers Tutorial
Jackson Dunstan has written an extensive tutorial on the use of one of the newer features of Flash Player and AIR: ActionScript Workers.

Modify the Windows Registry with AIR
Here is an example of modifying Windows Registry in Adobe Air using NativeProcess and Python.

Flash Platform Rundown – Week of October 13th, 2013

This is an experiment – we’ll see how it goes… but I plan on doing a weekly or semi-weekly rundown of happenings in the Flash Platform community on this blog in the spirit of what Brian Rinaldi used to do a few years back (and continues to do for JavaScript, HTML & CSS).

I’m still seeing lots of activity around the Flash Platform both within Adobe and through the work of the community – so will find time to note down everything that catches my eye over the week and create a simple digest like this every Monday. For more frequent Flash happenings – I recommend you check out Flash Daily. There is a hole which needs to be filled so let’s go!

AIR on Google Glass
Both Tom Krcha and Colin Holgate have reportedly gotten Flash to run on Google Glass via AIR and captive runtime. This is just another example of how versatile AIR is in relation to a platform like Android – which is used across all manner of devices… automatically extending the reach of AIR.

Adobe Bugbase and Windows Phone 8
There is much community activity in terms of feature requests for things like AIR on Windows Phone 8 (127 votes, 69 comments) and even Windows 8 “ModernUI” (117 votes, 36 comments). Both of these are currently set by the engineering team with a status of “ToTrack” – so there is hope that AIR may possibly come to these platforms!

Apache Flex 4.11 RC
Apache Flex 4.11 has entered the release candidate phase and should be out very soon. This release will include a new mobile datagrid component, 120 and 640 dpi skins, and OSMF 2.0 support among other improvements!

Starling 1.4.1
A maintenance release for the excellent Starling 1.4 of two weeks back. From Daniel: “The main reason for the new version is that the 1.4 release contained a nasty bug in its ‘clipRect’ implementation. Feathers makes heavy use of this feature, so this bug was extremely annoying for its users. Thus, Josh and I decided an update would be helpful.” Activity recently published a great little piece featuring Erik Natzke (now working at Adobe) which shows him working with AS3 in Flash Builder to create cutting edge apps for Adobe. Be sure to check out Lee Brimelow’s course on making games with Starling as well!

X-Platform Study
There was a study published just this past week which features AIR prominently as a solid cross-platform tool among a number of other solutions including PhoneGap. AIR seems to be spoken of rather favorably in the paper.

Bill Howard made mention of Adobe’s work on AGAL2 (Stage3D) on Twitter:

Mozilla Shumway
From a glance at the comments for this article on Shumway it really does seem that much of the hatred for Flash has calmed down to a sort of apathetic impotence at this point.
“Despite early hopes that HTML5 would gracefully and efficiently replace Flash for video handling and more, too many hurdles remain.” I still have yet to get any of my daily work to run on Shumway.

What have I missed? Add a comment below and show support for your favorite projects!

360|Stack 2013 : Slides


Apache Flex is great for application UI… but it isn’t GPU-accelerated :( New versions of Adobe AIR perform quite spectacularly on mobile and really blaze when tapping into the device GPU. If your mobile application requires this sort of performance – there is a solution to be found in the Starling framework along with Feathers (a fully-skinnable, open source component and layout framework)! This session will demonstrate how to use Feathers to create great, performant mobile interfaces for not only games but applications as well!