“FutureSplash Animator” to “Adobe Animate CC”… 20 Years of Flash!


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Lynda.com – Adobe Animate CC: New Features

Adobe Animate CC: New Features
Adobe Animate CC: New Features

Adobe Animate CC: New Features

Animate CC is Adobe’s focused animation platform that takes all the best tools from Flash and bundles them with Creative Cloud features. Now it’s better than ever. Learn all about the enhancements in the June 2016 release of Adobe Animate CC with expert Joseph Labrecque. Discover the new advanced import options for Photoshop and Illustrator files, pattern brushes, drawing modes, transparency controls, and responsive design features, as well as publishing improvements such as stage alignment, preloader options, and Flash Player and AIR updates.

Duration: 35 minutes 31 seconds

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Lynda.com – Learn Adobe Animate CC: The Basics

Learn Adobe Animate CC: The Basics
Learn Adobe Animate CC: The Basics

Learn Adobe Animate CC: The Basics

Produce rich animations for the web and output to virtually any format with Adobe Animate CC. Join Joseph Labrecque as he demonstrates how to create interactive and static graphics for the web. He shows you how to get started with a new project and use the fundamental components of the interface: the panels, the workspace, the stage, the timeline, and the pasteboard. Next, he explores importing AI and PSD files, including leveraging tools that allow you to modify imported content. Then, he walks you through working with text, drawing shapes, creating vector objects, and maintaining these assets in an organized library. Of course, this course wouldn’t be complete without a breakdown of essential animation features. So, you’ll get to see how to use the timeline, add motion or shape tweens, code interactive buttons, and finally publish to various formats.

Duration: 2 hours 21 minutes

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Learn Adobe Animate CC for Interactive Media

My new book with Peachpit and Adobe Press, Learn Adobe Animate CC for Interactive Media, is now available from the publisher and also retailers like Amazon.com and physical bookstores. I received author copies the other day and am so pleased with how it came out. The materials and layout just scream quality!


The book itself provides a solid overview on Animate CC with the focus on preparing the reader for the Adobe Certified Associate certification exam for interactive media. We cover everything across 6 main projects while using the new features of Animate CC like Vector Art Brushes, fully scaleable video output, HTML5 Canvas improvements, and more… alongside all the time tested tools and functionality that makes this program great.


There are a couple of things that make this book quite unique:

  • This is the first book published on Adobe Animate CC and covers many of the new features now available.
  • In addition to the book, you get access to a fully developed web experience with additional features like quizzes and such.
  • You aren’t getting just the physical book and the online experience – each project also has a video component – adding up to over 6 hours of video content as well!

You can now find the book for purchase at Adobe Press, Peachpit, Amazon.com, and other fine retailers.