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Emergent Collective… Three?

I’m interested in seeing who might want to contribute to Emergent Collective Three… here is some info about the project. Interested in contributing? Know someone who is? Get in touch!!!


Q: What is the Emergent Collective series of releases?
A: Compilation albums produced to showcase the aural talent which exists within the general “creative” and “developer” communities. Have a peek at volume One and volume Two to give you an idea!

Q: So the pieces do not have to do with technology at all? Just produced by those involved in the community?
A: This is correct. Are you a genuinely creative person? Do you make cool stuff? Make cool audio stuff for us! PASSION!!!

Q: Do I need to adhere to any specific style of music?
A: Absolutely not. These releases showcase the aural talent present in the creative/developer community – no matter what deviation it takes.

Q: Do you make any money off of this?
A: No.These releases are distributed via Fractured Vision Media, LLC but no money changes hands, whatsoever. And you get to be published on a record label if you haven’t been. Cool! Put it on your CV!

Q: Are these albums produced as physical CDs?
A: Physical CDs? is this the 1990′s? No… freely distributed as burnable disc images though… also available from Bandcamp and other outlets… All FVM releases receive viable ISRC codes and such, whether physical or not :D

Q: Is this an Adobe plot?
A: No.

Q: I assume there are examples of previous albums?
A: Sure. If this is to be number Three there must be Two and One, right? ;)

Q: How can you offer to do all this for free? Does’t FVM need to make money?
A: We make plenty of money from Flash, AIR, Flex, and HTML5 solutions. This is an act of love. Embrace it.

Q: I’m in. What do I need to do?
A: Get in touch with me at – and be sure to share this around… We’ll be in touch!

Q: Is there a deadline yet? When do I need to get you my assets by?
A: March 13, 2014 There are no dates or procedures set at this time. Once it is sure that we are set to go – FVM will touch base with everyone who has shown interest to formulate some of these details together.

Adobe Education Leader for 2014/2015 Term


Happily surprised this morning to receive news that Adobe has renewed my term as an Adobe Education Leader for another two years.

I’ve gained so much from being a part of this program; providing feedback to Adobe, working with industry leaders, networking with other great AELs from both higher ed and k-12, publishing and consulting opportunities, speaking gigs, and much more… very happy to remain part of this great group of people!

Authored Content #38

This past Friday, I joined up with James Williamson, Ray Villalobos, and Morten Rand-Hendriksen for some conversations around Google Web Designer, Adobe security woes, Flash, WebGL, Shumway, and ABSINTHE!!!

Streamed live on Oct 4, 2013
Joseph Labrecque joins the team to talk about Google Web Designer, the Adobe security breach, iPhone fingerprint scanners, WebGL, and Absinthe

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