#AskAdobeCare: Exploring the Expanded Creative Possibilities of Flash Professional CC with Joseph Labrecque


On Thursday, April the 23rd, at 12:00 Pacific Time… Adobe Care will be moderating a TwitterView which I will be hosting around Flash Professional CC. I encourage everyone to visit their announce post for full details and I hope you can make it!

Do you have questions about Flash? Unsure about all of the possibilities available to you with Flash Professional CC?

Tune in Thursday 4/23 for our #AskAdobeCare Twitterview where Adobe Community Professional, Joseph Labrecque, will be here to answer your questions!

Tweet your questions with #AskAdobeCare, and we will supply the answers. We will try our best to answer as many questions as we can during this 60-minute session, but we can’t promise that all questions will be answered.

I’d like to highlight a couple of other sessions around Flash Professional CC that are coming up as well:

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Adobe MAX 2014

Adobe MAX October 4-8, 2014, Los Angeles, CA

My first Adobe MAX was 2008 in San Francisco. This was also the time when I first stepped into my role as an Adobe Education Leader. As a result of these two events coinciding… I always look forward to connecting with both the wider Adobe community and specifically the ACP and AEL groups during community and education events. If you are involved in education and will be at MAX – check out the #CreateEdu Unconference on Sunday!

I have been to every single MAX since that time… so it’s strange that this will be the first time since then I will not be in attendance or speaking. I’ll certainly miss seeing everyone from the community leader, user group, and education teams… but I can’t feel too bad, as my wife and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage somewhere very tropical. Good excuse, right? Next year, friends!

Go ahead and register – there is still time!


AEL Advisory Board (Adobe Higher Education)

Pleased to announce that I am the newest higher education representative on the Adobe Education Leader Advisory Board. The process involves being nominated by the current board members and then having nominees undergo an election among the AELs of a particular segment. The board itself exists within the AEL community as a way to provide direct representation of an AEL segment (in my case, higher education) to the Adobe Education Team. As you can see below; the board is full of stellar AELs and I’m happy to be working with them in the coming years!


Higher Education:
Matthijs Clasener
Tom Green
Joseph Labrecque
Mark Shufflebottom

Kelly Kermode
Renaldo Lawrence
Dustin Parrish
Ian Usher

Megan Townes

Congratulations to Renaldo Lawrence and Megan Townes who are also new to the board.

Recap of the Adobe Education Leader Institute 2014

Not long ago, I made my way back out to San Jose, California to attend what I believe would be my 6th annual Adobe Education Leader Institute. They have held the institute for years before that but no one involved in higher education was at that time a part of the program – at least not formally.

This is an event I look forward to every year. Not just because I get to visit Adobe HQ and learn a bunch of cool stuff from Adobe executives, product managers, the Adobe education team, and other AELs… but also because I get to hang out with these people and really hash things out, non-stop, no-holds-barred, for the duration of the conference. It’s an amazingly tiring yet simultaneously energizing experience.

A lot of future projects and collaborative efforts are seeded at this conference. I was even able to drag a bunch of AELs and Adobians down to a shadowy bar for late-night absinthes… so these people really are all-right ;)

Conference Overview Video

Here follows a video recorded during the event in which a number of AELs and Adobe EDU team members share insights on the conference, the AEL program, and what it means to stand for creativity in education.

AEL Institute 2014 from CreateEDU TV on Vimeo.

Flash Runtimes Panel

As mentioned in another post, I organized a panel at the conference around the Adobe Flash Runtimes. The primary point I want to spread throughout the general community and within Adobe itself is very simple. Great work still happens around the runtimes and no one should be dismissive of either their potential or application in the world today.

Aside from the perspectives that Andy and I provided as part of our real-world experiences at large institutions – Chris had some nice insights into how things are seen at Adobe and where the stats lie : 95% Flash Player penetration, full, quarterly releases, and 1.8 billion app installs is nothing to sneeze at or dismiss lightly.

Having a proposal like this accepted by Adobe, at Adobe HQ, by a large section of Adobe (education) which is under their enterprise area is also significant. As many have commented – there is a sort of rift within when it comes to the runtimes.

Aside from this presentation, I was able to speak with Chris for a few hours (thank you for your time, Chris!) and also the PM for Connect on a separate occasion. I get the very strong impression that Adobe is committed to the runtimes despite shifting roles.

When considering major investments like Connect or Primetime – these significant money-makers rely upon Flash. Besides which, they are very aware that it would be a terrible thing to “break the internet” and that Adobe (whether they like it or not) have a responsibility to ensure the future of the runtimes through platform support, security patches, and bug fixes at the very least.

Of course, we know that Chris and his team go far beyond this to provide support for new platforms like Intel on Android and new functionality such as AGAL2. So, while development is scaled down from the days when Adobe was all about Flash – the runtimes are nowhere near “maintenance mode”.

Hopefully this presentation and the retention of this set of artifacts within Adobe’s structure will help bring a little more positivism and awareness to the story. All I’m asking is that Flash is recognized for what it has done and for what it continues to do for the web and beyond. No one should be dismissive about these things – no one.


Always an adventure… and no one was hurt! Thank you to the Adobe EDU team and thank you to my fellow AELs for the great discussions and sharing over theses past couple of days. Let’s do it again in 2015 ;)