Animate CC: Interactive HTML5 Canvas Video Projects

Since beginning this practice with the Adobe Generation Professional demo sessions, I’ve begun recording any live demos using Camtasia 9 and uploading them to YouTube. The full session with all speakers is linked below as well – but this segment has better audio and video. I also include the project files created during the session if you wish to download.

Part of the “Four Masters of Animate CC” session from December 10th, 2016.

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Animate CC Demo Files

Joseph’s demo files (with video included) [176 MB]

Joseph’s demo files (no video) [20.7 KB]

Full Recording (Adobe Connect)

Full recording with Tom Green, Joseph Labrecque, Myra Ferguson, and Chris Georgenes:

Absinthe: an Exploration of the Role of Mythology and Ritual in Market Revival

Last year, I was able to contribute to a small paper along with Lauren Labrecque and Garret Warr titled “Absinthe: an Exploration of the Role of Mythology and Ritual in Market Revival” which looks at the spirit, absinthe, from a marketing angle with a brief overview of the history, ban, and revival. In terms of the paper itself, and the presentation of the findings, they truly did most of the work! As part of our research, we conducted interviews with a number of well-known American absinthe distillers.

This is a purely academic publication and was quite interesting to assist with. Hopefully as absinthe becomes more legitimized in the public sphere, papers and accompanying research like this will become even more common!

The paper was recently published by Springer as a chapter within the larger volume “Celebrating America’s Pastimes: Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Marketing?” which contains the full proceedings of the 2015 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference.

Absinthe: an Exploration of the Role of Mythology and Ritual in Market RevivalAbsinthe, a once wildly popular spirit, was banned at the turn of the twentieth century as a consequence of its purported hallucinogenic effects. Now after nearly a century-long prohibition, recent de-restrictions in Europe and the Americas have allowed the opalescent green drink, nicknamed “the Green Fairy,” to return to the marketplace. This research uses netnography and content analysis as tools to help understand the historic marketability and consumption of this product and to reveal current consumption behaviors.

Chapter Authors: Lauren I. Labrecque, Garret M. Warr, Joseph Labrecque
Publisher: Springer International Publishing (April, 2016)
ISBN-13: 978-3-319-26646-6
Pages: 325-328

Acquire at

Slipstream Absinthe Sipping Pipes

The Phoenix Sipping Pipe was created to celebrate the revival of the artisanal craft of absinthe. It was inspired by absinthe enthusiasts all over the world. It was designed using science and art fused together to create a traditional purist form of ritual while creating an easy way to conveniently enjoy absinthe in today’s modern era.

While a traditional-minded absintheur may be initially perplexed by the idea of a sipping pipe for preparing absinthe, the experience is actually very close to the normal louching process… but with a modern twist. Absintheuers have a wide assortment of accessories at their disposal; fountains, brouilleurs, carafes, spoons, see-saw drippers, and so on. The sipping pipe is a newer concept that does well to enforce proper absinthe preparation through a unique implementation of traditional preparation methods.

The Slipstream Absinthe Phoenix Sipping Pipe with a measure of Jade Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe Supérieure.

Just as with a glass; a measure of absinthe is added to the pipe, then an optional sugar lump, followed by a pour of ice cold water. The effect is very similar to a bubble glass, with the absinthe slowly louching up into the water with lovely, smoky trails which eventually collect at the top of the pipe. There is a lot to like about the show this accessory displays during the preparation of a favorite absinthe with the wispy trails rising from the absinthe reservoir to eventually balance out with the water above, creating a nice, fully louched drink. Additionally, there is a sort of hypnotic, pneumatic action within the pipe straw as the absinthe level rises and falls after each sip.

The pipe itself is made of thick glass and interchangeable glass straws which together form a really elegant piece of glassware which conforms well to the hand. Most importantly – this accessory does well to prepare a nice, traditional drink of absinthe for the absintheur to enjoy in a unique and leisurely way. Sitting right alongside glasses, spoons, and other varied absinthiana in my collection; this piece does well to reinforce proper absinthe preparation in continuation of the modern absinthe revival.

Check them out at!

I have produced a video demonstrating the preparation and lovely louche action produced:

There is a reason I chose to use the Jade Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe Supérieure for this example video. It is a new absinthe released just a month back and is a homage to an absinthe of 100 years ago which was “highly publicized as having been subjected to a specialized hot oxygenation process originally believed to render the final spirit hygienic, and therefore free of any potentially deleterious properties.” It was an innovation at its time – similar to how the glass sipping pipe is an innovation in our time.


In full disclosure, I was provided a pre-launch sipping pipe for review.

Proper Absinthe Preparation

Short video demonstrating proper absinthe preparation with some Jade PF1901 (2013 bottling). I use a glass dripper and standard pontarlier style glass with a 1 oz. reservoir in this video.

The main reason for this video is to have something to work with and distribute alongside my soon to be released AS3-WebVTT library. It is to be released before Christmas and allows the use of .vtt caption files within ActionScript projects. The additional benefit being absinthe education.

An additional note; the audio track is one that was recorded last year as An Early Morning Letter, Displaced called Feuille Morte Slumber. There will be a new LP release in 2015…