– Learn Adobe Animate CC: Interactive Animation

Learn Adobe Animate CC: Interactive Animation by Joseph Labrecque Learn the most efficient way to create interactive animations for web, mobile, and desktop projects with Adobe Animate CC, the newly relaunched version of Flash Professional. This project-based course features two assignments: an animated web banner that responds to mouse movement, touch input, and clicks, and a three-state interactive animation that plays like a game. Joseph Labrecque shows how to set up the Animate workspace, prepare the stage, use both keyframe and procedural-based workflows, create titles, and program interactions. Plus, learn how to integrate both completed animations into a self-contained responsive

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“FutureSplash Animator” to “Adobe Animate CC”… 20 Years of Flash!

FutureSplash Animator [1996] Macromedia Flash 1 [1996] Macromedia Flash 2 [1997] Macromedia Flash 3 [1998] Macromedia Flash 4 [1999] Macromedia Flash 5 [2000] Macromedia Flash MX [2002] Macromedia Flash MX 2004 [2003] Macromedia Flash 8 [2005] Adobe Flash Professional CS3 [2007] Adobe Flash Professional CS4 [2008] Adobe Flash Professional CS5 [2010] Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 [2011] Adobe Flash Professional CS6 [2012] Adobe Flash Professional CC [2013-2015] Adobe Animate CC [2016-?]

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Night and Day: Easily Create a Landscape Alteration in Animate CC

Ever since Flash Professional became Animate CC back in February of this year, we’ve had access to the CC Libraries panel. Included within this panel is a direct connection to search against the library of assets included in Adobe Stock. Why would anyone want to search for Stock assets within Animate? For one thing, it’s a great way to throw some ideas together without a lot of commitment. You can use an unlicensed, watermarked version of the assets within your project as a proof-on-concept or to simply try out some new ideas. Later on, when decisions have been made, you

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Building Custom HTML5 Video Playback with Angular 2 The HTML5 video element allows us to play back video files through native browser elements, but the default experience is lacking for most projects—and differs drastically in appearance across the various browsers. Using a combination of Bootstrap and Angular, we can develop a responsive app with our own set of customized playback controls that will perform well and appear the same across all platforms and devices. Join Joseph Labrecque as he sets up a custom video player with Angular 2, the next generation of this “superheroic” JavaScript framework, and Bootstrap 4. Duration:

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Adobe Education Leaders – Summit 2016

It’s that time of year again – July means another AEL Summit is upon us. This year, we’ll be meeting in New York City for the North American summit and I’m really looking forward to connecting with other AELs and members of the Adobe Education team! I’m able to give a short talk this year as well – which should be very interesting considering the past 5 years or so… Surviving Industry Disruption in Higher Education Joseph Labrecque This talk will explore how industry upheaval can affect institutional teaching and learning systems which make use of technology for media delivery

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