AEL Advisory Board (Adobe Higher Education)

Pleased to announce that I am the newest higher education representative on the Adobe Education Leader Advisory Board. The process involves being nominated by the current board members and then having nominees undergo an election among the AELs of a particular segment. The board itself exists within the AEL community as a way to provide […]

Adobe AIR SDK updater for Flash Builder 4.7

Flash Professional has this really nifty built-in mechanism for updating the AIR SDK straight from the application menu. Specifically via Help > Manage Adobe AIR SDK. Flash Builder, however… has nothing of the sort and requires a rather obscure workflow to achieve an update of the built in SDK. Since Adobe doesn’t seem interested in […]


Running Phaser as a Chrome Application

When I was testing out different mobile platforms for my new course, HTML5 Game Development with Phaser, I wanted to also explore how everything runs in both desktop and mobile browsers. Just pulling something up in Chrome for Android (for instance) works wonderfully… but you have to deal with browser chrome. I found a […] – HTML5 Game Development with Phaser has published the long-awaited course on HTML5 Game Development with Phaser! Special thanks to Richard Davey for looking over the code and providing guidance in the development of this course. Phaser is a cross-platform game development framework for both mobile and desktop games. This fast, fun, and free framework supports both JavaScript and TypeScript, […]