Application Cursors in Adobe Connect

I use Adobe Connect a lot. Either doing remote presentations myself or attending the presentations and demonstrations of others. Something that always bothers me is when I’m in a session and the presenter apologizes during the demonstration that the application cursor is hidden by Connect. This used to be the case (Connect has it’s own default […]

Proper Absinthe Preparation

Short video demonstrating proper absinthe preparation with some Jade PF1901 (2013 bottling). I use a glass dripper and standard pontarlier style glass with a 1 oz. reservoir in this video. The main reason for this video is to have something to work with and distribute alongside my soon to be released AS3-WebVTT library. It is to be released […]

Flash Professional Webinar Signup

Flash Professional has been the tool of choice for creating animations for over two decades now. Recent improvements are geared towards making Flash Pro CC the tool of choice for creating animations for the next two decades. Join Senior Product Manager Ajay Shukla to learn new features in the product that is revolutionizing the way […]