On YouTube, HTML5, and Flash

Everyone applauding the default to HTML5 from Flash Player on YouTube should recall that without Flash, YouTube would not exist. Or HTML5. — Joseph Labrecque (@JosephLabrecque) January 28, 2015 Many stories are running about this over the past few days and they all give the impression that Flash Player is no longer used when delivering […]

Adobe and Android: Lightroom Mobile and the Creative SDK!

Before getting into Lightroom Mobile for Android, I want to take a few moments to examine some recent history around Adobe, Android, and most specifically Apple. This is going to sound like complete lunacy for many of you over the first few paragraphs – but stay with me… or skip ahead. One more chance. Just want […]

Flash Professional: The Future of Animation

On January 13th, 2014 – Adobe held a live webinar open to the public around focusing on Flash Professional CC and a number of recent developments. Primarily; support for custom platforms. This and other topics were presented upon during this lengthy session by Ajay Shukla (Flash Professional), Grant Skinner (CreateJS), Joshua Granick (OpenFL), Rob Bateman […]