ACATestPrep: Flash Professional CC 2014 – Six projects to Awesome Flashness!

I have recently had a video course published through BrainBuffet ACATestPrep which focuses on preparation for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) “Interactive Media Using Adobe Flash Professional” certification exam. ACA Test Prep is the subscription only set of resources from The best video tutorials for the ACA exams from the top certifying teachers in […]

Photoshop Express for Android and the CreativeSDK!

I am thrilled to see mention that Adobe continues to integrate their CreativeSDK into updated and all-new Android mobile applications. After the release of Lightroom Mobile a few weeks back, I get the following notice regarding even more work on bringing CreativeSDK powered apps to Android: I’m sure @JosephLabrecque will be happy to know I spent most […]

On YouTube, HTML5, and Flash

Everyone applauding the default to HTML5 from Flash Player on YouTube should recall that without Flash, YouTube would not exist. Or HTML5. — Joseph Labrecque (@JosephLabrecque) January 28, 2015 Many stories are running about this over the past few days and they all give the impression that Flash Player is no longer used when delivering […]