Running Phaser as a Chrome Application

When I was testing out different mobile platforms for my new course, HTML5 Game Development with Phaser, I wanted to also explore how everything runs in both desktop and mobile browsers. Just pulling something up in Chrome for Android (for instance) works wonderfully… but you have to deal with browser chrome. I found a […] – HTML5 Game Development with Phaser has published the long-awaited course on HTML5 Game Development with Phaser! Special thanks to Richard Davey for looking over the code and providing guidance in the development of this course. Phaser is a cross-platform game development framework for both mobile and desktop games. This fast, fun, and free framework supports both JavaScript and TypeScript, […]

Adobe Flash Professional CC: Learn by Video (2014 release) [streaming version]

Peachpit has published the online streaming version of this course on Flash Professional CC and as such… it is now available to those who are interested! [DVD version is set to release next month!] Adobe Flash Professional CC Learn by Video (2014 release) Copyright 2015 Edition: 1st Online Video ISBN-10: 0-13-392835-7 ISBN-13: 978-0-13-392835-8 This critically-acclaimed […]


Recap of the Adobe Education Leader Institute 2014

Not long ago, I made my way back out to San Jose, California to attend what I believe would be my 6th annual Adobe Education Leader Institute. They have held the institute for years before that but no one involved in higher education was at that time a part of the program – at least […]