Absinthe Advent Calendar 2017

This year for Advent, my wife purchased an Absinthe Advent Calendar for me as a gift. It was pretty fun getting a mystery absinthe every day… even if some were pretty crappy or fake. There were enough in there that I enjoyed and some were pretty interesting and unexpected!

I can’t really recommend that anyone not familiar with absinthe do this – as some of the fake or poorly made stuff would likely turn them away from pursuing any further interest. Would be stellar if the people that put this together would get rid of crap like Le Fee and Absente and load it up with many of the readily available, authentic absinthes we now have access to.

I’ve documented each in a photograph of the louched absinthe, ready to consume. Additionally, each includes a rating and occasional notes. The bottles you will see behind the prepared glasses of absinthe are my regular indulgences… and are all highly recommended!

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