Cinematic Interactives with Animate CC

At the Adobe Education Leader 2017 North American Summit, I was able to give a demonstration of Animate CC features – specifically the virtual camera and global scripts / code snippets to create cinematic interactives. The recording is below – though I do walk around the room here and there so the audio quality varies.

Interactivity and cinematography aren’t usually a set of terms that are used together… but with Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash Professional) anything is possible! In this workshop, we’ll set up a project using existing assets and then add camera movement, effects, and interactivity in oder to provide additional meaning and direction. Take the skills from this workshop to expand upon and refine your own animated projects or even create whole new collections of interactive infographics, exploratory timelines, and more for use in your classroom or other learning activities.

CC Library Assets: 

Presentation Slides:
Cinematic Interactives with Animate CC

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